Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2003

Jane Winer, David Winer, George Malusky, Tryon Wells, Gerald S. Barton, Peggy Thomson, Star Mitchell, Carl Linden, Jeff Komarow, Alan Gelb, Jim Drew, Johnna Robinson, Faith Earll, and Peter Winkler

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 8:10 p.m. by Vice-President Jeff Komarow, in the absence of President Ann Marie Cunningham. Jeff reported the death of long-time member Betty Burchell, and gave details regarding her memorial service. The minutes of the October meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Alan Gelb reported that we took in about $60,000 in dues this year, and about $1,000 in interest. Our reserve fund has $50,000. Currently, we are a little below budget on expenses. Alan estimated that expenses will rise about 2.5 percent next year owing to inflation. If we do not raise dues for next year, we are betting that expenses will continue to run under budget. Several members pointed out that caretaker Joe Hage has saved us money this year by repairing certain things and conserving others.

Captain’s Report:
Captain Tryon Wells reported that the fall Workfest went well. Attendance was not great, but tasks were completed successfully: leaves were raked, the big tree that fell was cut up (primarily by John Stapko, John Matthews, and Gerry Barton), the float came in, etc. Caretaker Joe Hage agreed with Tryon’s favorable assessment. A question has arisen about deferred maintenance: Johnna Robinson said that it is time for a flue cleaning. Several people responded that we could do it ourselves. With respect to the roof, Tryon said that it will come to the end of its expected life in 2-3 years. At the appropriate time, he will make a proposal to add a roof over the roof. Star Mitchell asked if she might purchase a new oven rack and stove rings for the Club kitchen. Approved.

Nominating Committee Report:
Carl Linden stated that George and Shelley Malusky will take the reins next year of the Entertainment Committee from George and Marcia Loeb, to whom we all owe many thanks. All other officers and supervisors (with the exception of Carpentry/Painting Supervisor Charles Pill, whom Carl had not been able to reach) have agreed to serve another year.

Old Business:
Tryon Wells’ motion regarding the funding of the Islander, set forth in last month’s edition of the Islander, was brought up for discussion. Tryon amended the motion: instead of charging extra for the Islander, we would reduce fees by $20 for members and waitlisters who chose to receive the Islander electronically. The pros and cons were ably set forth by Tryon and David Winer. In the discussion that followed, Star Mitchell observed that the Canoe Cruisers had adopted a similar policy. Others questioned the premise of cost-savings underlying the proposal. The vote on the proposal was a 6 to 6 tie, and thus the motion did not pass. Gerry Barton then moved that those receiving the Islander electronically receive a $10 discount on membership. That proposal was voted down.

New Business:
Jeff Komarow proposed that we increase the number of regular members from 155 to 160. Jeff will formally present this motion at the annual meeting. His intent is to raise the membership gradually, until members are satisfied that it is the optimal size. This motion will require a change of the Club’s by-laws and will be published in the Islander. Faith Earll proposed that we open the waiting list for children of members, but otherwise continue to leave it closed. Tryon asked if we couldn’t wait until January, after the annual meeting, to consider this issue, and Faith and others agreed.

Peggy Thomson agreed to host once again the annual meeting, on December 10. Pot-luck desserts are encouraged. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

-- Peter Winkler, Recording Secretary