Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2003

The meeting was held at the Island. President Ann Marie Cunningham called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m. Those present and enjoying the sultry weather were Ann Marie Cunningham, John Noble, Norman Metzger, Carol Schleicher, Dick Schleicher, John Lentz, Judy Lentz, John Matthews, Elizabeth Gravatte, Faith Earll, Lee Gravatte, Peter Winkler, and Bill Marmon.

The minutes of the June meeting as published in the Islander were approved. (There was no meeting in July, owing to the lack of a quorum.)

Ann Marie reported on two telephone calls from members concerning a shortage of grills. Ann Marie stated that the members’ purpose was not to complain, but to generously offer to purchase or donate additional grills to the Club. In fact, one grill is being donated by friends of new members Craig Iscoe and Rosemary Hart. The Club will purchase other grills as needed.

Large Party Report
Supervisor of Parties John Noble gave a report of upcoming large parties scheduled August through October. There are parties on August 23 and 28, September 7, 13, and 25, and October 11.

Editor’s Report
Islander editor Norman Metzger solicited articles for the Islander and asked all contributors to send him their articles in advance of the monthly deadline. Other members present praised Norman for getting off to an excellent start as editor.

Personnel Committee Report
Ann Marie reported on a recent meeting of the Committee, which is currently preparing a review of Caretaker Joe Hage’s first year. Comments from all members are welcome.

There were no reports from the Treasurer, the Captain, or the Financial Secretary.

Old Business
Membership Secretary Bill Marmon presented his motions for changes to the By-laws and Standing Rules, previously published in the Islander and discussed at the informal July meeting, concerning the status of separating or divorcing couples who are members or on the waiting list. Wait-lister Elizabeth Gravatte spoke briefly about the purpose of the proposed rules changes, which will allow both individuals to remain members or on the waiting list. After a brief discussion, the rules changes were approved.

New Business
Captain Emeritus John Matthews presented a proposal for the improvement and protection of the ferry. If built for the Club, it will cost about $425, and John and Joe Hage will install it. John reported, however, that Deputy Captain John Stapko may be able to build it. If he cannot, we authorized John Matthews to go ahead with the purchase.

In discussion, members observed that not everyone knows how to properly operate the ferry. It was agreed that it would be an excellent idea to post instructions on the ferry itself. If the instructions do not already exist in the Club’s orientation materials, John Matthews will draft them.

Ann Marie reminded everyone of the Second Annual Fishing Derby on Saturday, August 16, being hosted by George and Shelley Malusky, and the Regatta, on September 1, hosted by Bill and Rochelle Banta. Both events are open to all members and wait-listers.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30. Refreshments were served by the vacation caretakers, former members. David and Sea Sitomer.