Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2002

The meeting took place at the Clubhouse on the Island. Ann Marie Cunningham called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m. Present were George Loeb, Nell Hennessy, Frank Daspit, Peggy Thomson, Nancy Bower, Blair Bower, John Matthews, Jeff Komarow, Johnna Robinson, Barbara Kraft, Bill Eichbaum, Brad Coolidge, Jim Drew and guests Kevin Garrett and Felipe Pinilla.

A motion to approve the Minutes of the September meeting was made and passed.

Kevin Garrett, an American University student who grew up in our area, proposed to those members present his idea to make a film about the Island for his senior project. Discussion ensued about content and uses of the film, with suggestions about who Kevin could talk to about the Island’s history. Those present voted to allow Kevin access to the Island for purposes of making the film, with the understanding that he would present the video at a meeting. Members asked, and Kevin agreed, not to show the film outside his AU class without notifying the Club.

Discussion ensued about the loss of the rope swing tree.

There was no Treasurer’s report.

The Membership Secretary reported on the New Member orientation planned for October 19.

The Caretaker reported on the Fall Workfest planned for November 16, with a November 23 rain date.

There was no Finance report.

Discussion ensued about Peter Winkler’s large party planned for October 19. Barbara Kraft, speaking for Peter, asked that the members approve the party with the understanding that the number of attendees might exceed 35. The members voted to approve the party.

Jim Drew gave the Canoe Report. There are two canoes for sale. The Club has received a bid of $100 for one of them. After discussion, it was agreed to offer them for sale at the new member orientation on October 19, and to re-advertise them in the next Islander if necessary, to see if anyone wants to bid more than $100. Frank Daspit reported that he had taught a canoeing class in August, mostly adults, and that all involved agreed the class was a success.

Ann Marie Cunningham reported the establishment of a new Nominating Committee, to be chaired by Carl Linden. The Committee will come up with a slate of nominees for Club office to be published in the next Islander. Considerable discussion was had about the composition of the Committee. The sense of the meeting was that the Committee should consist of at least 4 or 5 members.

John Matthews reported on the kudzu problem. Phil Thorson‘s son-in-law is interested in contracting to do the kudzu removal. The Club has approached 2 neighboring community associations and asked them to help with the cost of kudzu removal. Discussion was had about the virtues of cutting vs. poison, and other ways of dealing with the problem. One suggestion was to involve the Potomac Conservancy and other environmental groups.

Various other issues were briefly discussed at the meeting, including an unclaimed prize from the Regatta, and the USGS report of water loss in the Potomac between Point of Rocks and Great Falls.

A lengthy discussion was had concerning the Club’s Waiting List, mostly on whether to keep it closed or open it up on at least a limited basis. The list has been closed for the past 2 years except for the children of members. A motion to open the waiting list to allow new people to apply did not get a second. A motion to keep the list closed this coming January 2003 was made and passed. George Loeb graciously agreed to write up our options for dealing with the Waiting List.

Another lengthy discussion was had about the well on the Island. A contract to repair the well was signed in April 2002. Scheduling conflicts have prevented the work from getting done, but it appears now that the work will be done in November 2002.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

—- Barbara Kraft, Acting Recording Secretary