Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2002

Ann Marie Cunningham, George Loeb, Jane Winer, Nancy & Blair Bower, Frances Short, Jean Goertner, Martha Foley, Alan Gelb, Carl Linden, Harvey Resnik, Dorothy Fall, Jim Drew, Gerald Barton, Star Mitchell, John Heidemann, Dianne & John Noble, Bill Eichbaum, Larry Heilman

Correction to June minutes:
Joe Hage, Caretaker, is on the Security Committee.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Alan Gelb reported that the financial position of the Club was as expected, and a complete report will be presented in September.

Joan Kennedy and Daisy Healy have resigned. William & Jane Hill, and Elisa Free & Bill Nooter were moved up to membership.

Water Committee:
Blair Bower will arrange for testing both in the well and at the faucets after completion of the modified water system.

Security Committee:
Jim Drew reported that he conferred with an additional security company, which made a proposal similar to the previous firm.  The equipment would last for 4 or 5 years, and would cost about $2900 for installation plus $95 per month. A motion was passed that the club would make a decision after the security committee investigated more alternative systems.

New Business:
The memorial gathering for Dick Bridge July 25 was approved: the organizers will provide help with the ferry.

The appointment of Joe Hage as caretaker was met with approval.  It was moved that he should be certified in CPR. The caretaker search committee was commended for their thorough and successful efforts.

John Mathews has resigned his position as Captain. In recognition of his excellent long service to the Club in this capacity, the Captain's Float will henceforth be known as the Captain John Mathews Float.  In addition, a photo of John will be hung in a place of honor in the Club Room, and he was made an Honorary Member.

Doc and Phyllis were recognized for their service to the Club with an inscribed paddle and teapot.

Frank Daspit will be asked to conduct a basic canoeing session at the next orientation.

Carl Linden will take charge of the lunch at the Fishing Derby because the Entertainment Committee (George and Marcia Loeb) will be out of town at that time.

-— George & Marcia Loeb, Acting Recording Secretary