Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Linden in the Clubhouse shortly after eight o'clock. The following members were in attendance: Star Mitchell, Renee Dunham, Peggy Thomson, Ann Marie Cunningham, Candy Means, Marcia and George Loeb, Jane Winer, Tryon Wells, Bill Bays, Lawrence Heilman, Joe Hage (the new caretaker), Jeffrey Komarow, and Jim Drew.

Corrections to May 2002 Minutes: The Minutes from the last meeting were amended to include the fact that former caretaker Doc and his wife Phyllis had been made honorary members of the club.  The Minutes were further corrected to state that at the last meeting a number of members had posed questions about the viability of the proposed security system, not that they disagreed as was stated.  The Minutes were approved with these corrections.

Ann Marie Cunningham introduced Joe Hage who was selected to be the new caretaker.

Supervisors’ Reports:
The Treasurer, Alan Gelb, was not present but had called to say finances were going as expected.

The Membership Secretary admitted he had not filed his required written report in May but now had the report on the current membership to provide to the meeting:

As of June 1, 2002 there were 155 regular members, 47 senior members, 16 inactive members, 23 honorary members, and 204 applicants on the waiting list.

Membership status changes from 2001-2002 included eight new members, five membership resignations, three new senior members, three withdrawals from the waiting list and 23 new applicants on the waiting list (all relatives of current members).

The turnover of eight new members is average to large, thus prompting the secretary to recommend we continue not adding new members to the waiting list with the exception of members' children as current applicants on the waiting list close to the bottom will have a 14-year wait. The secretary also read a lovely resignation letter from Charlie Trammell, Jr., a former president of the Club. He was made an honorary member after a motion was presented and passed. Carl Linden read a letter from Lila McGinty, Ken McGinty's widow, submitting her resignation.  She is an honorary member and will remain so.

Old Business:
Tryon Wells gave a security system report and stated that after making calls to several companies only one seemed affordable or returned calls.  The ADT System, as reported last month, would cost $2,900 for a one-time fee with a $95 monthly fee to maintain the camera to be installed on the outside of the caretaker's quarters focusing on the landing on the far side. It was recommended that someone should visit or call others who have used this system to determine their satisfaction level with ADT.  There was much discussion about the viability of this method as opposed to other systems. It was agreed that Jim Drew, Larry Heilman, and Bill Marmon would form the Home Island Security Committee to research security options and make a decision next month, so that it can be installed before the arrival of the new caretaker.

Easterday, the company chosen to inspect the well water did not come to the island this week to begin its work as a result of a misunderstanding with a temporary caretaker.  The meeting is being rescheduled. Blair Bower was going to check the water quality of the well, but that has not been done. Because of lack of knowledge about the Island's water quality, there was concern about the Loeb's preparation of lemonade for the canoe race this weekend as well as water usage for the 21st of June during the Mid-Summer Night's Festival.  In addition, while water seems to be potable, club members should be informed to bring their own water.  Bill Bays, who is on the Water Committee, says the committee had yet to meet.  It must do so to resolve this issue.

New Business:
The Recording Secretary position is still vacant.  It was agreed that there could be a team of four who would take responsibility for this.  Larry Heilman agreed to take December, January, and February.  Renee Dunham agreed to take three months.  That leaves half of the year unattended. Possibly an ad will appear in the newsletter.

Larry Heilman reported that the water quality in the river is fine for swimming as determined by the River Commission and other pertinent groups.

Jim Drew reported that two abandoned canoes on the island would be sold at a price yet to be determined and an ad would be placed in the newsletter. He also asked for approval to schedule a July Canoe Training Session run by club members for club members of all ages.  It was approved.  Earlier that evening he noticed the ladder coming loose from the swimming float, pulled it up, and intends to contact the appropriate person to get it re-attached.

The meeting adjourned about 10 p.m.

-- Candy Means, Acting Recording Secretary