Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Linden at 8:10 p.m. in the Clubhouse. The following members were in attendance: Lucky Marmon, Larry Heilman, Blair Bower, Nancy Bower, George Malusky II, Ned Goddard, Ann Marie Cunningham, John Membrino, Jeff Komarow, Jane Winer, George Loeb, Jim Drew, John Matthews, Alan Gelb, Johnna Robinson, Carl Linden, Dave Winer, Bill Marmon and Garret Rasmussen.

There was discussion of the recent Post article about the river. The minutes were approved as printed in the Islander. The Treasurer, Alan Gelb, passed out a final accounting of the 2001 Budget. Insurance costs have gone up, a revised projection for 2002 will be done at mid-year. The Financial Secretary was not in attendance. The Membership Secretary, Jeff Komarow, reported that there are no vacancies. He thanked Jim Drew and Larry Heilman for helping with the orientation. John Matthews, the Captain, has called the Park Service about the rough path and also about two dead trees that threaten our power lines. The construction contract for the kitchen remodeling specified the trash would be removed, but it's still piled out back. We may have to hire a truck to remove it. Co-editor, Dave Winer, reported that the editors ordinarily print letters that members send to the Islander, since they consider them official communications to the club. The next issue will focus on fishing.

Old Business:
There was a misunderstanding about canceling the workfest. On Friday the water was so high the Captain, John Matthews, decided that it would be unsafe to run the ferry for such a large crowd. The workfest was rescheduled for May 18. It is suggested that persons with access to the internet check the Daily Log on the web page ( Those without web access can check the weather page of the Washington Post which always gives the projected river levels. If the level is over 5 feet at the Little Falls Gauge, the ferry will not operate. River levels are also provided at (703) 260-0305. The ferry has two broken struts. These will be repaired.

A communication from Doc notifies us that he will be moving from the Island on May 31. Substitute caretakers have been secured for the interim and the Personnel Committee is working to recruit a replacement. There was a long discussion about the water issue. The well is scheduled to be re-lined and Blair Bower suggested that we have the well tested again with wider parameters by another company. No previous tests have ever found a problem with the water quality. A bid for the new security system has been received. The club previously voted an amount up to $2,500. The bid for one camera is $2,900 with a fee of $95/month. President Carl Linden intends to go ahead with the bid. Several persons disagreed. Carl, in responding to a question about the status of the building project, said that the quarters remodeling committee is still active. The water project and alarm system will stress the Budget for this year, even though we raised the dues by 10%.

New Business:
Lucky Marmon reported on the difficulty of recruiting Islanders for the Sunday and other caretaking stints. It was agreed that this is one of the more important tasks and all members should share the job. There was discussion about requiring each member to take two shifts of Sunday caretaking in three years or be dropped from membership. After long discussion, a motion to this effect was dropped.

There was also discussion about the rule made last year that club canoes may not be used if the water temperature is under 55 degrees. (It is understood that members take their own canoes out at their discretion.) There was a long discussion about the thinking behind the rule, i.e., that the water at 55 degrees is very hazardous to any canoeist not wearing a wet suit. Finally it was moved and seconded that "Members may take the Club canoes out at any water temperature, guests may not take out the club canoes if the water temperature is below 55 degrees." This motion passed 6 to 5. The point was raised that if this rule was a Standing Rule, it must be published in the Islander before it could be voted upon. It was late and this was not resolved. The meeting was adjourned after 10 p.m.

-- Johnna Robinson, Acting Recording Secretary