Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2002

George Malusky II, Brad Coolidge, John Matthews, Peggy Thomson, Jane Winer, Jeff Komarow, Carl Linden, Jim Drew, Renee Dunham, George Loeb, David Winer, Mark Schlefer, Dorothy Fall, Harvey Resnik, Pat Barry, John Noble, Larry Heilman, Bill Bays, Pat Roth, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Linden. Several people reported being surprised to read in the minutes that they were on the Water Committee, or chaired it, but all willing accepted their new posts.

A note was received from Tom Gutnick reporting that his father had passed on February 10, and that on Saturday, April 6, the family gathered at Sycamore Island to scatter his ashes in the river. Tom expressed his gratefulness for the happiness that Sycamore Island had given his parents, Art and Arline, during their lives.

Star Mitchell reported that the CCA Whitewater Canoe race is tentatively scheduled for June 15. The Island will again mark the end of the race, and the Sycamore Island Club will provide some refreshments. George Loeb will help.

Alan Gelb reported (via email) that “normal” expenses are as expected. The insurance costs have increased about 16%. Construction related expenses are: initial design (~$1400), preliminary work on footings and tree felling (~$900), work on kitchen, including dishwasher and range (~$3,700), advisory & inspection services related to water & sewage (~$2,200) for a total of $8,591.46.

Harvey Resnik and Dorothy Fall were accepted into membership. The spring orientation is scheduled for April 14. Shelley Malusky is organizing the lunch. The orientation will be conducted outdoors, walking around the Island. Johnna’s cartoons have been incorporated into the handouts.

The Deputy Captain John Stapko sawed up a log out back. Karl Kosok bought a new $900 refrigerator for $399 because it had a dent that did not affect its function. It should have been installed before these minutes were typed.

An invitation was extended to all to write short passages about Doc to be included in a future newsletter.

After Doc first submitted his resignation, we almost convinced him to stay. However, an incident involving an unresponsive relief caretaker caused them to reflect upon the many inconveniences and problems over the years. Doc then discussed with the committee many recommendations that would address those problems. Over the next several months, these recommendations will be brought to the meeting for discussion. A straw poll unanimously concurred to giving Doc a gift of a lump sum and extension of benefits similar to what was given to Peter.

A flyer to recruit a new caretaker was circulated, and comments were made. The flyer will be posted in stores and organizations in the area that have a boating or environmental focus, and on the Island web page. Ads will be placed in the Audubon Naturalist, CCA’s Cruiser and similar publications. The membership should spread the word about the vacancy because members have found past caretakers. Tell interested persons to check the web page and then contact Carl Linden.

Larry Heilman will work with Candy Means and Lucky Marmon to review and revise the guidelines for relief caretakers and will report next month.

Suggestions for a gift for Doc and Phyllis were made. Someone is needed to coordinate such a gift.

Pat Barry, despite being surprised to learn of being the chair, did a remarkable job of researching the problem with the well, consulting with the consultant, the building committee, and others, and conducting his own investigation, including putting a camera down the well. He presented architectural drawings of the well, clubhouse and septic system. He concluded that the well was broken and that the Club must fix it as soon as possible, and that there are no other options. Easterday’s proposal to pull out the pump, silt and gravel by hand (since the proper equipment can’t be moved to the Island) then repack, reload, and reseal it for $8500, and to install a state of the art ultra-violet light that would turn off the pump when the light wasn’t working for $1500 was first made three years ago, and again just prior to the last meeting. Quarterly maintenance by a professional is necessary to keep the well in good working order. A motion to contract with Easterday was passed with one dissenting vote.

Bill Bays presented information about two distilleries that could be used after the well is repaired to remove lead, mercury, bug killers, and other chemicals from the drinking water. The Water Committee will look further into these distilleries and other filters.

Inter-Generational Party
The family event will be held on April 20 from 4:00 until sundown. The games have been tested and are hilariously fun.

Other Business
George Loeb received permission to bring a school group to the Island on two different weekdays in June and July. The dates will be posted in the Islander.

— Ann Marie Cunningham, Vice President