Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2002

John Lentz, Al Brown, Mardy Burgess, Bill Marmon, Lucky Marmon, Candy Means, George Loeb, Nancy Bower, Blair Bower, Jim Drew, Harvey Resnik, Dorothy Fall, Pat Roth, John Matthews, Jane Winer, Tove Elfstrom, Frances Short, Bill Bays, John Stapko, Gerald Barton, David Winer, Peggy Thomson, Alan Boneau, Ann Boneau, Brad Coolidge, Ann Marie Cunningham, Chuck Pill, Pat Barry, Renee Dunham, Tryon Wells, Karl Kosok, Judy Lentz, Mark Schlefer, John Krasny, Caroline Gelb, John Noble, Terry Murphy, Jeff Komarow

Thirty-eight people were present at the Meeting, held at the home of Judy and John Lentz. President Carl Linden, presided.

Approval of Minutes
A question was raised concerning the $1500 worth of electrical wiring done on the Island. There was some confusion as to what was really done, whether the wiring in the Caretaker’s quarters was brought up to code. The minutes were amended to note this, and an answer will be provided next month.

Doc has submitted a letter of intent to resign. The Personnel Committee met recently and decided to give him 5 of the 10 extra days he had requested as compensation for holidays that he works. The Committee will meet again soon with Doc. A number of problems are of concern, including three winter vandalisms on the island and the drinking water quality.

Relief Caretaker Scheduling
Lucky Marmon presented a list of recommendations for Responsibilities of Relief Caretaker Schedulers (RCS). They related to communication between the Caretaker, RCS and Relief Caretakers about the scheduling and filling the caretaking time. The Personnel Committee will ensure that they are agreeable to both the caretaker and schedulers. The one that relates to Relief Caretakers is:

Relief Caretakers who cannot at the last minute fulfill their duty will attempt to exchange caretaking days with others on the printed schedule in the Sycamore Islander. They should notify the RCS of the change. If no substitute can be found, they should call the RCS, making sure the message is actually received. Do not rely on phone messages to RCS - as RCS may be out of town.

Membership Committee
There are 22 new names of members’ sons and daughters on the Island waiting list; they will know their position when their check is cashed. There is presently one vacancy and Harry and Trisha MacPherson will fill it. We expect a very small turnover of membership this year, not more than 5 or 6.

Treasurer’s Report
Carolyn Gelb reported that everything was okay.

Editor’s Report
Morris Cobern, our printer, has been very helpful in making sure the Islander gets out on time. Several members responded to co-editor David Winer’s call for help with the Adobe Page Maker software.

Canoe Report
A data base is working and all canoes are identified and assigned to their proper racks except for one un-identified one with “Dr. Pangloss” written on it.

Captain’s Report
Brought up the subjects of the recent vandalisms and the well-water supply, both of which engendered much discussion.

Three incidents were all late at night and loosed the ferry; two incidents used a water conveyance to get to the ferry at the island, while one was done at the ferry landing. Tools seemed necessary for some incidents, suggesting pre-meditation.

1. Sat., Jan. 26. The ferry at the towpath was unfastened and released, along with the ferry rope. A sizeable fire had been made at the top step of the landing.

2. Sat., Feb. 16. The ferry rope was disconnected and the ferry was adrift. The vandals had pried loose the chain links with tools, thrown away one of the life buoys on the ferry, cut the ferry dock line, cut the yellow rope that is used to raise and lower the ferry pull rope, and messed with certain caretaker possessions not inside the quarters.

3. Tues., Mar. 5. The ferry was unhooked and floating off shore just out of reach. It was, however, hooked through only a small loop beneath the dock, never noticed by the Caretaker in his 5 years of service. It would seem the intruders knew about it and would have had to use a low kayak and a light to re-attach the ferry in the dark.

The Caretaker informed the club officers, and Park Police, including e-mail with details but a formal report probably was not filed.

Actions to be taken, approved by membership:
1. File a formal report and document Police response.
2. Install an infrared camera on the clubhouse that would catch movement in the scene at the ferry and the steps and wake up the Caretaker or ADT (the security company). A motion was made to allocate up to $2500 for Tryon Wells, who reported on this, to take this action (21 in favor, none opposed). He was asked to get a competitor’s bid.

Well Water Supply
The ultra-violent light that purifies the water supply should be replaced. Further discussion came with the Clubhouse report.

Building Report
Al Brown, chair of the Building Committee, gave a full report of actions of the Committee (published separately), ending with discussion of the well water supply. Frank Easterday, a certified well driller, respected by the county for his work, inspected the well and suggested the well be re-conditioned, the ultra-violet light be changed and a switch be added that would stop the water flow when the light was not working. The light should be changed every two years, although the County recommends a change every year. (The work could cost from $6000 to $12000). Al moved that the club employ Easterday to re-condition the well and install a new ultra violet light. Other suggestions were made to deal with the drinking water problem: a possible distiller (as Bill Bays has one), connection with municipal water, a very good charcoal filter, a dual water-system, carry drinking water to the club, bottled water for the Caretaker. There was a question about PCBs in the water. Al’s motion was amended to establish a Water Committee to look into all the possibilities, and the motion as amended passed (20 in favor, 6 opposed) and report back in a month.

Pat Barry stated that we should immediately contract to have bottled water for the Caretaker—for the short term. Pat became head of the water committee, made up of John Noble, John Stapko, John Matthews, and Bill Bays.

Brad Coolidge’s motion, which at last meeting had been tabled for several months, was voted (14 to 13) to be brought back on the table. The motion consisted of four parts, two thanking the caretakers and Al Brown and the House Committee for their work, and two parts which seemed to “halt” or “hold in abeyance” the committee and the money ($30,000 and cap of $50,000) allocated for the new caretaker’s quarters. Brad expressed interest in having the membership involved in the building decision. Ann Marie Cunningham suggested that a survey of the club members be taken as to their thoughts about the club, the caretakers, and the new Caretaker’s quarters. Brad Coolidge’s letter in the Islander and a response by Al Brown could be included. The motion was defeated (16 to 9).

-- Mardy Burgess, Acting Recording Secretary