Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2001

Jack Colwell, Jerry Barton, Al Brown, Johnna Robinson, Carl Linden, Mardy Burgess, Jeff Komarow, Trip Reid, Jane and Dave Winer, Phil Thorson, and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Linden. There were no changes to the minutes of the August meeting.

Dave Winer showed us the embroidered Island logo and showed two styles of hats that we can order. The baseball cap costs $17 and the bucket hat costs $30. You can also have your own articles of clothing embroidered with our logo for about $12.

Ann Marie Cunningham read a letter from member Christopher Grant, in which he expressed how fortunate we are in having Doc and Phyllis as caretakers, and that he intends to make a monthly payment in addition to his dues to help to maintain and protect the Island. The full text of his letter will be published in the October or November Islander.

Treasurer's Report
Alan Gelb will present a proposal for a dues increase at the October meeting. This is necessitated by the increased cost of living since the last dues increase seven years ago and the planned construction for the caretaker's apartment. By that time, he hopes to have a firmer grasp of construction costs and the timing as to when the construction will take place.

Building Report
Al Brown reported that there will be a meeting with the head of the Park & Planning Commission to discuss the unique factors in the Island and our plans for building. The Commission provided Al with an aerial survey map with contours of the Island. Hopefully, this will be sufficient as a plat. Since the Island has no immediate neighbors, many other requirements may not be applicable.

Financial Report and Membership Report
No significant change.

Captain's Report
The jagged rocks on the trail have been reported to the NPS as being a potential hazard. John Matthews has offered our help.

Editor's Report
It is important to get articles to the editors in a timely manner. The October issue already has several articles and pictures of interest. Contact Tryon Wells if you wish to receive the Islander from the web so that you can see the pictures in color.

The website has been revamped to include photos of late summer wildflowers. Other parts have been reorganized to make it easier to find things. Botanists Kathy Bilton and Jane Hill have been on the Island and identified many of the flowers.

Trip Reid reported that the trees planted in recent years, including the silky dogwood, are doing very well.

John Krasny has put life rings attached to ropes on the ferry.

New Business
The list of relief caretakers on the web is out-of-date. Morris Cobern of Allied Printing, our newsletter printer, volunteered and served as relief caretaker when he saw a vacant slot on the list.

Jerry Barton is impressed with the involvement of many on the waiting list, and would like to see more opportunities for them to participate. He suggested a 'big brothers'-like partnership between members and waiting list persons. This could possibly be done through the addition of a checkbox on the annual renewal form that offers volunteer activities.

Phil Thorson and John Matthews are planning another battle in the war on kudzu in two spots on McArthur Blvd. They need volunteers to help spray the new growth with diluted Round Up, an herbicide that is biodegradable in the soil. If you can help with the spraying, or have a sprayer you could loan, please call Phil or John. The grounds committee will consider paying for the Round Up.

It was moved to appoint Tryon Wells as chairman of the Nominating committee, and to appoint two others that he designates as members.

- Ann Marie Cunningham, Acting Rec. Secretary