Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Carl Linden. In addition to Carl, Bill Kugler, Peggy Thomson, Jane Winer, Frances Short, Jim Drew, Gerald Barton, Terry Murphy, Tove A. Elfstrom, Sherry Pettie, John Membrino, Jeff Komarow, George and Marcia Loeb, Brad Coolidge, and Ann Marie Cunningham were in attendance.

The minutes were approved as published in the Islander.

Swimming Committee:
Peggy Thomson delivered a safety ring purchased by John Krasny for installation on the swim float.

Relief Caretaking:
Terry Murphy reported that people are generally cooperative, that they feel caretaking is kind of fun, but that there are a few time periods that need to be filled.

Financial and Membership:
Jeff Komarow reported that there is nothing new to report for either area, and that there will be no further activity this year unless someone withdraws from the Club, allowing a new member to join.

Jane Winer expressed gratitude for the good articles that have been submitted, and hope that people will continue to write about items of interest. It is very helpful if the author formats announcements so that they will appear as intended. The Islander is available in color from the web site. If interested in reducing publication & postage costs, and getting the Islander in color, contact Tryon Wells at:

Caretaker's Report:
Two teens swam from the rope swing to the Island, then stole the ferry, leaving it adrift in mid-channel. The Park Police were called, and within minutes, apprehended the two. The two apologized, were chastised, then released. Officer Whiteman expressed concern about the rope swing and late night parties. Later, the rope was gone from the tree. Officer Whiteman and the Park Police force are to be commended for prompt and professional action.

Old Business:
The Sycamore Island Code, published in the July 2001 Islander, received favorable comment and one correction. Further edits were made during the meeting that preserved the tone and focus on individual responsibility, while expanding the Guidance on Boating Safety to include Swimming. A motion was passed unanimously to distribute the code, pledge and guidance to all members each year with the membership materials, and to require that all members sign the pledge. (Note: the amended text is included in this issue of the Islander and is available on the web page under Official Club Information.)

The Old-timers Day and Pot Luck will be held on Wednesday, September 12th, with a rain date of September 13th.

The 6th Annual Grand Sycamore Regatta will be held at 1:30 on Labor Day, September 3rd, with a rain date of Sunday, September 9th. Everyone is welcome, including those on the waiting list. A potluck supper will follow the contests. Help is needed. Please volunteer to keep score and to time events.

--Ann Marie Cunningham, Acting Recording Secretary