Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2001

Attendance: Tryon Wells, Brad Coolidge, George Loeb, Sally Strain, Phil Thorson, Doc Taliaferro, Trip Reid, Jim Drew, Gerald Barton, Ned Goddard, Al Brown, Karen Foreit, Chuck Pill, Marty Burgess, John Matthews, Carl Linden, Dave Winer and Ann Marie Cunningham.

The meeting was called to order by Carl Linden. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the Islander.

Committee Reports:
The Glen Echo Fire Department sent a request for support. It will be given to Alan Gelb to make a contribution equivalent to that given in the past.

Editor's Report:
Articles must be in earlier than usual as the editor will be away. If all planned articles are received, there will be no more room in the current issue. A possibility making the newsletter available by posting it on the webpage was discussed. This could help to save postage.

Trip Reid has planted several silky dogwood shrubs that get blueberry-colored blossoms and cuttings of black willow at the upper end of the Island to slow erosion. He also has sycamores that he has potted, and if they grow, he will plant them on the Island.

Maurice Tobin does not feel that the Island's liability level is high since money is not taken for services, but he will find someone to look into it.

Save the Big Trees:
May 19th is the day for saving hundreds of hardwood from rampant imported vines. Phil Thorson and John Matthews hope for a large turnout and publicity for this event.

CCA's White Water Race:
On June 9th, the race will begin at Great Falls and end at Sycamore Island. While the nature of the race has changed, it is still a worthwhile event for Islanders to participate with the larger canoe community. The Island wants to re-open lines of communication to ensure that the event is a success and will continue into the future.

The plan will cost more than the $31,000 budgeted. With contractors very busy at this time, and the need to complete construction before the weather turns cold again, a motion was passed that would provide a cap of $50,000. The roof trusses and the stairways are being redesigned to reduce costs. Other cost-saving measures include having Island volunteers bring the materials to the Island, having the builder do the foundations and exterior, watertight shell, and having volunteers doing the drywall, painting and other finishing tasks. The Building Committee is negotiating with the contractors to keep the final costs as low as possible.

The club received a letter from the Treasurer detailing concerns that have been mentioned previously, that the dues haven't been raised since 1994, that dues are not sufficient to cover club expenses, and that the building will spend much of the savings. These issues will be addressed at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

-- AnnMarie Cunningham, Acting Recording Secretary