Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2001

The meeting was called to order in the Clubhouse by president Carl Linden at 8:10.

Jeff Komarow, Alan Gelb, Bill Kugler, Gerald Barton, Bill Marmon, Larry Heilman, Peggy Thomson, Johnna Robinson, John Matthews, Carl Linden, Blair Bower, The meeting was called to order by president Carl Linden at 8:10. Jeff Komarow, Alan Gelb, Bill Kugler, Gerald Barton, Bill Marmon, Larry Heilman,Peggy Thomson, Johnna Robinson, John Matthews, Carl Linden, Blair Bower, Phil Thorson, Doc Talliaferro and Ann Marie Cunningham were in attendance.

The March meeting minutes were approved.

Committee Reports:
The treasurer said that there was nothing extraordinary to report. The CDs have matured, but no action will be taken to reinvest funds until the building is complete.

The building committee will meet with John Matthews this week to discuss ideas for keeping the costs down. There has been one estimate just for the shell of the building.

There are two vacancies now, and a third will open up as Joe Boyle, who has been a great help in the past as he did considerable plumbing for the Club, is going to drop out or take senior status. Joyce Kreskow, Eric and Renee Simpson, and Lt. Col. Richard and Virginia Dianich were moved to membership. They have been on the waiting list since fall '92.

The New Member Orientation is to be April 21.

Petey the 'Possum seems to be gone from the quarters.

Old Business:
The first attempt to beat back the encroaching kudzu along the Parkway and Canal will be on April 21. There is a little kudzu on the lower end of the island.

The Island Workfest will be held on April 28th.

There will be no wildflower walk this year. If there is someone who is knowledgeable about wildflowers, and willing to share with the members in the future, please contact one of the officers or caretaker.

Because of the safety concerns, the club canoes are now chained during times when canoeing is potentially hazardous, and caution must be exercised. See the caretaker for the key.

Two rules for use of the club canoes were passed. The club canoes cannot be used if the river level is 5 feet or higher, or if the water temperature is below 55 degrees.

Frank Daspit and Nell Hennessey are willing to do a canoe safety course. Larry Heilman is willing to do one on water safety. Other members with skill or certification in these areas who are willing to offer instruction should also contact an officer or caretaker. A tentative date of June 24 is planned for these classes.

There needs to be a careful examination of the insurance policy to understand our liability as far as swimming, canoeing, tools kept on the Island, and other risks. Carl will speak to Maurice Tobin for advice on how to proceed.

While it is important to understand the Club's liability, the responsibility for safety ultimately resides with each individual member. While the Club will consider new rules to protect the members, this is not likely to be effective unless each member is aware of the risks and hazards to family and guests, and takes steps to ensure their safety.

New Business:
The Anuual Potomac Whitewater Downriver Race will be held June 9, with the race ending at the Island.

The refreshments provided by Phyllis Taliaferro were very much appreciated.

-- AnnMarie Cunningham, Acting Recording Secretary