Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2001

Trip Reid, Peggy Thomson, Ann Marie Cunningham, Dave Winer, Gerald S. Barton, Alan Gelb, Ned Goddard, Nancy Bower, Blair Bower, Jeff Komarow, Lucky Marmon, Bill Marmon, Brad Coolidge, Jane Winer and John Noble were present.

The meeting was called to order by our new president Carl Linden at 8:15. Carl introduced himself by describing his affiliation with the Canal Association and its through hikes from Cumberland to DC, and how his support once led him into a learning experience with the Island's policies.

The minutes were corrected to show that Jeff Komarow was present at the last meeting.

Peggy Thomson shared an article about the friendly neighborhood relations between the community and Lowell School, which is guided by Island member Abigail Wiebenson.

Committee Reports
The Treasurer's report showed that last month's numbers brought the year-end figures very close to what had been projected. Alan Gelb recommended that there be a report on budget trends mid-way through the year. This would indicate the effects that possible new construction, changes in interest rates, and possible drop in waiting list and application fees would have on our income and financial situation.

Members are reminded to send their dues to Bob Henry at the address on their dues notice.

Keff Komarow reported that applications for membership are being sent out. As the notices are being sent out slightly late, the period for returning them will be extended accordingly. There are currently 171 names on the waiting list.

Ned Goddard reported that they are moving forward with the structural engineering. They have an architect in mind. They are considering John Matthews feedback on the structural engineering.

Dave Winer inserted a Classified Ad in the Islander, which was very successful. He is very appreciative of new articles concerning the Island or subjects of interest to Islanders. He was especially grateful to Bill Kugler for his interesting article on the growth of the Island.

There was no camping last month. Discussion of building a tent platform on Rupperts Island was suggested, as well as building a landing. Dense underbrush and the remnants of an Indian structure are to be considered. A treehouse was also suggested.

Old Business
The motion to codify in the standing rules the requirement that two members of the club sponsor an applicant before admittance was discussed and approved. This makes official a standard practice that has been part of the application process.

The motion that club applicants be required to attend a club orientation before using the club and its facilities was passed. The Membership chairman will have input in developing the curriculum and conducting the orientation, but does not have sole responsibility. This will help to encourage members to participate in club activities and have respect for the Island and its culture and traditions.

A motion to abolish the three-year waiting period to obtain a waiting list pass for all club applicants was discussed. This waiting period policy has generated two previous motions, one that amended it to eliminate the waiting period for applicants 65 years of age and older and in poor health, and one that failed to pass to eliminate the waiting period for applicants with children. This motion resulted in a tie vote, and therefore, lacked a majority to pass.

A fourth motion to require that anyone under the age of 15 using a club canoe or boat must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age was also defeated. This was due to the wide range of competencies of canoeists and the desire to teach responsibility.

New Business
A new motion was made to change "guests" to "persons" in paragraph 6.b. of the Standing Rules so it reads "All persons using Club canoes or boats must wear an approved life preserver or personal flotation device (PFD) at all times." It will be discussed next month.

Peggy Thomson is going to invite Carolyn Reeder, author of Captain Kate, to the next meeting, which may then start one half hour earlier to allow time for discussion of the book by the author.

The next meeting will be on February 14. The location will be determined.

-- AnnMarie Cunningham, Acting Recording Secretary