Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2000

Carl Linden, Nell Hennessey, Frank Daspit, Alan Gelb, Peggy Thomson, Robert Henry, Brad Coolidge, Trip Reid, Ann Marie and John Cunningham, Tryon Wells, Jane and Dave Winer, Gerald Barton, Bill and Lucky Marmon, Joan and Bill Kugler, Charlotte Brewer, John Matthews, Johnna Robinson, John Noble, Larry Heilman

The meeting was called to order at 8:10. The minutes were approved as printed in last month's Islander.

Tryon Wells reported that Jinny and Phil Jones were retiring from the club after 40 years, most of which were spent in a leadership position. A motion was made and passed to make them honorary members.

Year 2001 Budget:
Tryon reported that there once was an occasion when the treasurer absconded with the treasury, and, as a legacy, we have three financial officers to guard our funds.

Treasurer Alan Gelb began discussion of the budget by praising the order, preparation and sound forecasts that Johnna Robinson had put into previous budgets. The actual expenditures for the year 2000 appear to be as budgeted for the fixed expenses, with variable expenses slightly below budget. The proposed budget for the year 2001 is slightly more than for the year 2000 primarily due to increased postage for the Islander, higher utilities and insurance costs. The grounds budget was reduced. It was pointed out that the planned construction on the caretaker's home would impact the reserve funds and income, so future year's budgets may not be so easy to balance. The budget was passed.

Club Officers for 2001:
The nominees for office that had been presented in the Islander were elected.

There was a brief adjournment to watch Vice President Gore's concession speech.

Old Business:
A motion presented last month to eliminate the three-year wait for Waiting List Passes for families with young children was discussed. Some felt that there wasn't sufficient knowledge of the numbers of affected applicants. The orientation of new members and a renewed focus on the idea of canoeing as a focus of fun and fellowship were discussed. The motion was defeated. A new motion to rescind the three-year waiting period for all waiting list applicants was introduced for discussion and a vote in January.

The caretaker's compensation and bonus was discussed. An increase equal to the local CPI and a bonus was passed. An employee review in the summer or early fall was recommended.

The meeting thanked Peggy Thomson for hosting the meeting and then adjourned in time to watch President-elect Bush and to enjoy delicious refreshments.

-- Ann Marie Cunningham, Acting Recording Secretary