Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2000

George Malusky II, Gerald Barton, Trip Reid, Caroline Gelb, Richard Bertaut, Ann Marie Cunningham, Renee Dunham, Carl Linden, Mardy Burgess and Al Brown, John Noble, Jane Winer, Beth and Michael Grant, George and Marcia Loeb, Chuck Pill, Brad Coolidge, Ned Goddard, Karl Kosok, John Matthews, Bill Bays, Tryon Wells

Prior to the meeting, our caretaker offered a tour of his living quarters. It was an opportunity for members to observe flood damage that had never been repaired. Parts of the wooden floor were rotted out, leaving holes for cold winter drafts and spiders seeking warmth. Members could also appreciate the challenge of redesigning the quarters to enable our caretakers to stay high and dry and have adequate living space. The tour was useful preparation for discussing construction plans at the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 8:15PM. Tryon Wells opened the meeting by explaining how the building committee, set up last July to administer the planning and construction of the new caretakers quarters, was unable to meet for several months. This was further preparation for discussion later in the meeting. See Old Business.

Trip Reid reported that on Rupert's Island there is no Kudzu growing. However, Oriental Bittersweet and Burr Cucumber - both native plants - are spreading and threatening other vegetation. Being native plants, they can be cut back, but not eradicated. On Sycamore Island, there is Kudzu, but it is not a significant problem.

Caroline Gelb reported everything is fine.

The "Warm Room" is completed. Tryon Wells insulated and re-paneled the small room directly outside the women's locker room, creating a snug place for substitute caretakers in the wintertime. Tryon thanked those who had helped him and the Club members expressed great appreciation to Tryon.

Marcia Loeb reported that we are "gearing up for the workfest." They will be grilling chicken as usual and reminded us to bring accompaniments for the potluck lunch.

Jane Winer requests that we continue to submit articles, poetry, essays, etc. to keep the Islander interesting and informative.

Applicants over 65 or with terminal illness:
Luther Carter presented a motion reported in the October Islander that would waive the three-year waiting period to obtain a Waiting List Pass for applicants over age 65. Brad Coolidge presented the following amendment: Any applicant 65 or over or any applicant having a terminal illness may request of the membership chairman an exception to the waiting period. The exception will be voted upon by the membership. The motion as amended was passed.

Club Canoes:
David Lyles' proposed amendments to the Club's standing rules concerning Club canoes appeared in the November Islander. The amended standing rules are shown below, with the proposed new text in italics and the voting results for each new part. Note that the rules pertain to the Club canoes, not to private boats.

6. Club Canoes and Boats
The Supervisor of Canoeing, with the approval of the membership, may purchase canoes or other boats for use by members and their guests. The following rules must be observed when using Club canoes or boats:

a. Club members and guests use Club canoes or boats at their own risk.


b. All persons using Club canoes or boats must wear an approved life preserver or personal flotation device (PFD) at all times.

This item addresses the liability issue, but it is difficult to enforce. Gerald Barton suggested an amendment that "persons" be changed to "guests".

The motion as amended was passed.

c. Anyone under the age of 15 using a Club canoe or boat must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.

This item generated much discussion about the choice of age 15 and also what is meant by "accompanied." The motion to table the vote on this was passed. Discussion will be continue at a future meeting.

15K. Supervisor of Canoeing
a. Have charge of the canoe house, canoe racks, Club canoes and other Club boats, canoe landings, and boat landings, moorings and storage.


Your secretary would like to mention a few of the interesting statements made while discussing these issues. A state law already exists which requires that a life preserver be worn between the dates November 15 and May 15 while in water below the class 3 rapids rating. During the other times, state law requires a flotation device in the boat. When signing the log on the ferry, one is signing a liability form. Some members and guests are not aware of this.

Caretaker's quarters:
Having seen the flood damage in the caretaker's quarters, the membership passed a motion made by Beth Grant to allocate up to $3000 to seal and winterize the quarters.

It was also the sense of the meeting that the ad hoc committee resume and act as agent of the Club in administrating the building of the new caretaker's quarters. If the estimated cost exceeds $31,000, the committee must seek Club approval. Al Brown and Mardy Burgess will chair the committee; John Matthews, Chuck Pill and Karl Kosok will be members of the committee. Other members are welcome to participate.

Waived waiting period for families with young children:
Jane Winer made a motion to amend the Club rule that new applicants wait three years before being able to obtain a Waiting List Pass. The amendment would waive the three-year waiting period to obtain a Waiting List Pass for a family with young children. The Club will vote on this at the next meeting.

Sponsors for new applicants and orientation:
Tryon Wells made a motion to amend the bylaws to require that (1) a new applicant be sponsored by two members of the Club as our application form intends and (2) an applicant on the waiting list attend one Club orientation before becoming a member; likewise for a applicant before acquiring a Waiting List Pass.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15