Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2000

Trip Reid, Alan Gelb, Gerry Barton, Betty Burchell, Marcia Loeb, George Loeb, Bill Eichbaum, Al Brown, Johnna Robinson, Dave Winer, Peggy Thomson, Charlotte Brewer, Doc Taliaferro, Ned Goddard, Betsy Stephens, Ralph Stephens, Jim Drew and Maria Stenzel.

The meeting was called to order by President Tryon Wells at 8:15 PM. The membership approved the Minutes of the previous meeting.

Membership Secretary's Report
The report of the Membership Secretary was given by Tryon Wells, in Peter Winkler's absence. There are 44 families with wait-list passes this year (there were 68 last year). No applications for membership will be accepted until next January. All persons who sent applications before April 30 have been added to the wait list. The membership list stands at 154, so Ljubisa and Catherine Vitkovic were voted in as new members. There was some discussion about who should talk with new members and how they should become acquainted with the mores of the club. The issue of orientation is being dealt with by a group who will make a recommendation at a future meeting.

Treasurer's Report
Alan Gelb reported that finances are in order and commented that he was renewing insurance policies with current values for the buildings.

Supervisor of Parties and Camping's Report
Bill Eichbaum, reported that there have been fewer party applications this year so far.

The Downriver Race
Will be held May 21 st. This race has traditionally been hosted by the Canoe Cruisers and Sycamore Island. A call for volunteers was made to monitor the canoes and the clubhouse. President Tryon Wells reiterated that no items are to be sold on the island.

Caretaker's Quarters
A committee will be convened to put together issues involved in rebuilding the caretakers' quarters on the upper floor, out of flood danger. This committee will report to the membership in the future.

Club Databases
The databases will be consolidated and put on-line, with due concern for privacy issues.

A list of members and applicants with Waiting List Passes will be kept on the ferry with the sign-in sheet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM, followed by an excellent slide show program about the new Little Falls fish ladder which was presented by Larry Leasner of the MD Dept of Natural Resources.

-- Johnna Robinson, Acting Secretary