Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2000

Tryon Wells, Jane Winer, Johnna Robinson, Ann Marie Cunningham, John Noble, Trip Reid, Betty Burchell, Peggy Thomson, Jeff Komarow, Alan Gelb, Gerald Barton, David Winer, Brad Coolidge, Holly Syrrakos, Doc Taliaferro

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:17 pm. Minutes from the February meeting were approved. There were no minutes from March because there wasn't a quorum.

Treasurer's Report
Alan Gelb presented a first quarter report on expenses. They are generally on track with insurance payments appearing high because of the timing of bills due.

Grounds Supervisor
Trip Reid reported that beavers have eaten one birch tree but the other trees have been fenced with chicken wire. The Committee is considering planting willow trees at the top of the Island to slow erosion. In looking at what to plant, the Grounds Supervisor takes recommendations from the Maryland Native Plant Society so that the Island adds only native plants.

The Islander
Jane Winer talked about the hand-drawn Island map hanging the Clubhouse. She said that the Island's is a copy with the original in a private collection. Gerry Barton mentioned that he was happy to see the large mouth bass hanging on the Clubhouse wall. It was also reported that the Wildflower Walk was a great success with many blossoms and 20 blossom-seekers.

Membership Secretary
Peter Winkler sent a message that he didn't have a report because the Financial Secretary, Bob Henry, was out of town and unable to pass on the necessary information. Because of the Club's slowness in processing applications this year, they will be accepted through April-next year they will be accepted in January only.

Weekend Caretaker
Jeff Komarow reported that weekend caretaking is going well.

Old Business
A list of members will be posted on the ferry so that membership status can be verified.

Re: Membership Application
President Tryon Wells recalled that there had not been an official vote taken at the Feb. meeting on the issuance of membership applications even though a vote was scheduled. He proposed that the vote be taken immediately. The vote was on the following:

Applications will be accepted until the end of March this year and limited to the month of January in subsequent years.

It passed unanimously. (See Membership Secretary's report for more.)

Modification of Caretaker's Apartment
The Club is waiting for drawings. In the meantime, Gerry Barton checked the high water marks in the last century and prepared a report correcting a note in the last Islander. In this century there have been only 4 floods above the 20 foot level: '36, '37, '42, '72.

Use of Membership List
Tryon received a call from Mac Thornton, requesting the use of the Club's mailing list for the Potomac Conservancy for a special direct mail. The meeting unanimously opposed giving the list to any organization. Jeff Komarow proposed an adjustment of the rules or bylaws to reflect the sense that it is a condition of membership that the membership list and waiting list not be used for any purposes outside of Club business. A separate statement, to be voted upon, should appear elsewhere in this issue.

Orientation for New Members
A proposal should appear in this Islander presenting a motion to be voted on with regards to the sentiment that the Club will have Orientations, and to become a member or obtain a waiting list pass, it is necessary to attend an Orientation.

New Business:
Web Site Modification
Tryon Wells suggested putting the Island's database on the web, in a secret page, password protected. The purpose of this is so those officers who need membership information would have ready access. Tryon will get estimates for the work, will consider volunteers capable of handling the task, and will look into developing a committee to research this topic further.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:38 pm.

The May meeting will be on the 10th at 8:00 pm, water level permitting.

-- Holly Syrrakos, Acting Recording Secretary