Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2000

Blair and Nancy Bower, Johnna Robinson, Bill Bays, Jane Winer, Peggy Thomson, Robert Henry, Betty Burchell, Doc Taliaferro, Renee Dunham, Alan Gelb, Tryon Wells, Bill Eichbaum

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:10 PM. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Trip Reid corrected the statement in the December minutes that two Black Locust trees were planted on the Island; they were Black Gum. Gerald Barton observed that substitute caretakers have difficulty knowing who is who and suggested that there be some means to identify legitimate visitors to the Island.

Treasurer's Report
Alan Gelb reported "so far so good."

Parties Report
Bill Eichbaum submitted a detailed party report for year 1999. Annual reports will help to guide policy decisions about parties. In 1999, there were 24 parties averaging about 25 persons each. In two cases, sponsoring member's party privileges were suspended for infractions of Club rules.

Budget Report
Johnna Robinson clarified the final budget report for 1999. Repair, tax, and utility estimates were close to actual expenditure. Capital improvement costs were less than budgeted. We still have two outstanding payments - liability insurance and workman's compensation. A company has not yet been found to cover workman's compensation for the caretaker.

Canoe Report
Peter Winkler is the new owner of the Club canoe that was offered for sale.

Caretaker's Report:
- Past flood damage to floor and ceiling of the caretaker's quarters is being repaired. Replacement rather than repair is being considered.
- A child fell into the cold water during a family canoe trip.
- Doc suggested that the Club supply canoes at Lock 7 for the April river cleanup sponsored by the Alice Ferguson Foundation.
- We had 60 to 70 people on the Island on January 2, 2000.
- Motor oil will be applied as a preservative to the clubhouse floor. A motion to use fresh oil rather than used oil was defeated. It was said that the acid in used oil is what makes it effective.

Old Business
The December motion to change the name "Guest Card" to "Waiting List Pass" was passed unanimously.

The November meeting motion that would restrict accepting applications for membership to only the first quarter of each year was amended after debate as follows: Applications will be accepted until the end of March this year and limited to the month of January in subsequent years. The motion passed as amended.

[Note: Subsequent inspection of the minutes of the November meeting show no record of the motion being made. This motion will be voted upon again at the next meeting.]

New Business
Tryon Wells announced that he would call a meeting of the Board of Directors to review club application procedures and materials and make recommendations.

It was proposed that the Islander post a reminder to those on the waiting list that they may apply for passes, if eligible. This was in response to a complaint from one of the club applicants on the waiting list distressed by the absence of a reminder in the waiting list fee notice.

Blair Bower suggested that we have a picture gallery in the clubhouse. A committee will be appointed for this project. Old and new maps of the Island will be included and suggestions were made for obtaining these.

Bill Eichbaum reported that the fish ladder construction at Little Falls is now complete and we will know in six months whether it works.

There was general discussion of winter canoeing and its dangers as well as club liability for accidents.

Suggestions were made in response to Gerald Barton's e-mail note of concern that substitute caretakers have some means to identify legitimate visitors to the Island. A roster could be kept on the ferry; A "Members Only" sign might be added to the Sycamore Island sign along the towpath. This discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.

--Recording Secretary, Renee Dunham