Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 10, 1999

Alan Gelb, Trip Reid, Dick and Penny Doolittle, John Membrino, Peter Winkler, David Winer, Tryon Wells, Betty Burchell, Ann Marie Cunningham, Tove Elfstom, John Matthews, Gerald Barton, Brad Coolidge, Doc Taliaferro, Renee Dunham, Jeff Komarow

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:04PM. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Islander Report:
David reported that he had problems with his desk-top publishing software but was able to work around them to get last month's Islander out.

Canoe Report:
David Winer reported that two more canoes have been purchased from the Pocomoke River Canoe Company in Snow Hill, Maryland. This livery service sells their entire fleet of canoes each year. The added boats will replace some our battered aluminum Grummans. We now have a total of five of these Old Town Discoverer 174 canoes, a type that has been particularly well received by the members. Being longer, wider and more flat-bottomed than our older canoes, members have noted their increased stability in the water. Also purchased from the livery were ten life preservers and ten fiberglass/aluminum paddles. Total cost of canoes, life preservers, and paddles was about $1,000.

Captain's Report:
John Matthews reported that the electric line break which disabled the towpath lights was near the house and is now fixed. A winter warm room for substitute caretakers will be provided in the Clubhouse just outside the women's toilet and locker rooms; the large window in that room will be replaced with an insulated window.

Caretaker's Report:
Doc laid out printed materials provided by the park police about the fish ladder construction at the Little Falls Dam. He announced that members John and Martha Foley are willing to give canoe instruction in the late spring. A malfunctioning, overflowing washing machine is causing floor rot below it. Doc suggested that we put in a new floor and washing machine at the same time. Phyllis suggested that we check newspaper ads when it comes time to replace the ping pong table. An additional callbell has been strung in the tree next to the Clubhouse.

Report on the status of the Island water system:
The water delivery system failed and the Island was without water for three days. The problem was fixed by replacing the pressure valve which had been disabled by floods and debris buildup. The water, however, smells foul. The caretaker and his family have been using bottled water. Others are advised to bring their own drinking water to the Island. Experts have been called to test the water. The bacterial test is negative. Test results for other possible contaminants are due in several weeks. The captain advises that the suggestions of the experts be followed.

Old business:
Motions initiated last month and published in the Islander were presented for voting. Here are the results:

Unanimously passed:

Add to 3M. Supervisor of Camping and Parties:
c. Prepare a report for the January meeting of all Large Parties held during the past year with Date, Member Name and the Number of guests for each party, with the total number of parties held to be included in that month's meeting minutes.

Unanimously passed:

Add to 3E. Membership Secretary:
k. Prepare a report for the May meeting of the number of Guest Cards issued and the current totals for all categories of membership, with all totals to be included in that month's meeting minutes.

Several motions to curb guest cards as printed in last month's minutes were defeated before Brad Coolidge's motion was passed in amended form as follows:

Effective January 1, 2000, issuance of guest cards shall be limited to those who have been on the waiting list for three years. Those who have been on the waiting list for less than three years but who have held a guest card in 1999 may renew.

The following modification to 6. Guest Cards now reads as follows (new wording in italics):

"Upon the request of an applicant for membership who is in good standing, and if the applicant has been on the waiting list for a minimum of 3 years, the Membership Secretary may issue to such applicant a guest card valid for the year in which issued."

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.

-- Recording Secretary, Renee Dunham