Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 11, 1999

Gerald Barton, Tove Elfstrom, Marcia and George Loeb, Tryon Wells, Renee Dunham, Betty Burchell, Dick and Carol Schleicher, Jeff Komarow, David Holdridge, Doc Taliaferro, David and Jane Winer

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:25PM - a start delayed by waiting for the requisite ten members to arrive (not counting spouses and our caretaker) to achieve a quorum.

While waiting, Doc Taliaferro reported a number of incidents during July and August in which teenagers (not members) at various times swam onto the Island, helped themselves to canoes (including the rescue canoe), noisily partied at the rope swing after midnight, etc. The Park Police are aware of the problem and are assisting in helping to keep our Island private. Doc also reported that Swimming Supervisors Ann Kip and Mark Brenneman brought five new inner tubes to the Island.

The membership approved the Minutes of the previous meeting.

President Tryon Wells read three letters to the membership.

1) From George Loeb: This letter proposed that the Club revitalize its canoe orientation by requiring that new members demonstrate canoe competency.

2) From both Marcia and George Loeb in their joint role as Entertainment Committee: This letter proposed Peggy Thomson or John Heideman as liaison with the Canoe Cruisers Association, restoring the close partnership we once enjoyed through John Thomson's efforts.

3) From Trip Reid: The letter expressed concern about some features of a recent large party that included an invitation in a local Church newsletter - another instance of the Club's general concern about the appropriateness of some types of large parties.

Canoe Chair's Report:
David Winer reported that one of the wooden canoes was auctioned off for $100. The other canoe requires extensive work and will be advertised for sale in a canoe journal. The Sycamore Island logos are now fixed to six for-member-use canoes. More canoes may be purchased in the future. Doc then gave a detailed inventory of the state of the member canoes and their repair status. Item: the rescue canoe was repaired, but still leaks.

New Business:
General discussion was invited on the topic of canoe competency (see Communications above, letter #1) - the goal being to make the Club more canoe oriented and to ensure safety. Discussion touched on sources of canoe instruction, accident history, liability, canoe use for large parties, fairness in changing club rules, etc. George Loeb will rewrite his letter for publication in the Islander.

Tryon Wells will install a wooden door to the women's lavatory, insuring greater privacy. With the door installed, the small room outside the lavatory could then be closed and heated for substitute caretakers in the cold weather.

Doc Taliaferro announced that he would be willing to lead a nighttime Island walk for interested members after the monthly meeting, if the meeting adjourned by 9:30PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32PM.

-- Recording Secretary, Renee Dunham