Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 11, 1998

Tryon Wells, John Thomson, Peggy Thomson, David Winer, Jane Winer, Richard Bertaut, Bill Eichbaum, Warren Brown, Susanna Membrino, Phil Jones, Jinny Jones, Johnna Robinson, Brad Coolidge, Jessie Bakeman, Susan Garbini, Ian MacGregor, Holly Syrrakos.

President Tryon Wells called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m.

The membership approved the Minutes of the previous meeting.

John Thomson received notice from the Canoe Cruisers Assn. that the Whitewater Race will be held Sat., May 23. The Club will host the Finish Line events.

The Islander
Editor John Thomson is gratified at the response to his request for stuffers and mailers. He needs volunteers for the May Islander.

Canoe Chair's Report
David Winer reported there will be a notice in this Islander regarding the yet unclaimed four canoes and one kayak.

House Committee's Report
Susan Garbini is looking for a deputy to head up the work inside the clubhouse on Sat., April 4, the Spring Workfest. Paul Stanton will head up the interior painting on Sat., April 18-sign up now to volunteer.

Old Business
Scenic Easement
Mark Schlefer will meet with the Potomac Conservancy In May and will report to the Club after that.

Virginia Antenna
Susanna Membrino reported that the plan to put up a 170 ft. antenna in Virginia Is moving forward. The Club can still express its opposition to the height of the antenna by contacting the National Capital Planning Commission and the Federal Highway Administration. Last year, Bill Eichbaum sent a letter stating the Club's concern and Tryon will make follow-up calls.

NPS and Canal
There will be a meeting on Thurs., March 12 about the canal. Perhaps there will be a report at the next Club meeting.

New Business
Float Proposal
The meeting expressed interest in the idea of building another float for the river. The expense would be budgeted as a capital improvement.

By-Laws and Standing Rules
The By-laws were approved by unanimous vote, with a change to No. 29 to make it less redundant. It now reads that the members assembled at a meeting, or the President of the Club, may adjourn a meeting for good cause and postpone it to a fixed date. Jessie Bakeman noted that there is no By-law that deals with the dissolution of the Club, usual in By-laws.

Large Parties
Bill Eichbaum questioned whether it was fair for a member to schedule more than one large party at a time. In general, the meeting thought that members should not be allowed to schedule a second large party until after the first one has been held. It was recommended that the Ad-hoc By-laws/Standing Rules Committee discuss this issue upon review of the Standing Rules.

Thanks to the Thomsons
The meeting thanked the Thomsons for their hospitality. The meeting adjourned at 9:37 p.m.

Holly Syrrakos, Recording Secretary