Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 8, 1997

Bill Eichbaum, John Thomson, Peggy Thomson, Jane Winer, David Winer, Gerry Barton, Jinny Jones, Phil Jones, Al Brown, Blair Bower, Doc Taliaferro, Holly Syrrakos

President Bill Eichbaum called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m.

Islander Report
Editor John Thomson reported that the Canoe Cruiser reprinted Doc's article about water quality and bureaucratic contacts.

Captain's Report
On behalf of John Matthews, Doc noted that the canoe tether system was almost completed.

Canoe Supervisor's Report
David Winer said that he is still identifying canoes. There appear to be about a half dozen boats that are unclaimed. After several notices, these will be considered abandoned and will become Club canoes or will be auctioned off.

Swimming Supervisor's Report
Al Brown reported that he walked across the Potomac near Lock 10. He was able to do this because the river is at a low level (below 3 feet). He noted there are remnants of walls and an old road on Swainson's Island.

House Committee
On behalf of Susan Garbini, Doc reported that there are 35 unassigned lockers. At the Fall Workfest, the clubhouse will get a thorough cleaning. They are working on a plan to paint the interior of the clubhouse in the Spring.

Old Business
Fall Workfest
The date of the workfest is Saturday, Nov. 15 with a raindate of Nov. 22. Tasks are: 1) cleaning the Clubhouse, 2) raking leaves into various compost piles, 3) chopping wood, 4) finishing the walkway in back of the clubhouse. Doc had suggested buying a leaf shredder but after some discussion, the meeting decided that compost piles were adequate and safer.

Telephone Tree
Jinny Jones will send information to Bill Eichbaum so that he can create the tree to alert members about the workfest.

Club Officers
The Nomination Committee is developing a list of nominees for next year. The meeting noted the commitment of the officers and the difficulty of their work. Blair Bower thought the job of recording secretary is especially difficult and the meeting complimented the secretary on her work. (Thank you all.)

Canoe Storage Outside of Shed
After reviewing the Standing Rules, it was determined that only members who have a second boat stored outside the shed should be billed. David Winer will get the necessary information to Jinny Jones for the January billing.

Next Meeting
The November meeting will be held on the 12th at 8 p.m. at the Island, river permitting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

Holly Syrrakos, Recording Secretary