Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 10, 1997

Bill Eichbaum, Tryon Wells, Johnna Robinson, John Noble, John Thomson, Peggy Thomson, David Winer, Maria Stenzel, Gerry Barton, Pat Roth, John Stapko, Bill Bays, Phil Jones, Norman Metzger, Susan Garbini, Doc Taliaferro, Phyllis Taliaferro, Holly Syrrakos

President Bill Eichbaum called the meeting to order at 8:04 p.m.

Vice President's Report
Tryon Wells reported that John Matthews, Gerry Barton and he assembled 4 picnic tables and they are at the south end of the Island.

Islander Report
Editor John Thomson reminds all to contribute their stories to the Islander 2 weeks before the meeting date.

Captain's Report
Deputy Captain John Stapko has been leading Wednesday night canoe trips on the Potomac. Next year he will announce them in the Islander. Doc Taliaferro reported that Joe O'Boyle fixed a leak that was shorting out the light In the "warm" toilet downstairs. He also said that work was moving forward on the canoe tethering system.

Canoe Supervisor's Report
David Winer reported that the cement footings for the canoe shed are being put in place and so some boats may be out of place. There are still some unclaimed boats as well.

House Committee
Susan Garbini spoke about locker confusion. Her list has almost all lockers assigned but, in reality, they are not all used. There is a note on each locker asking the member to confirm their claim. If you believe you have a locker and have not talked to Susan or Doc, please do so. They are working on a system to clear up the confusion.

Old Business
Change to Standing Rule 14
Standing Rule 14 now reads:
14. Assignment of Boat Racks
Regular, senior, guest card and honorary members, with boats registered with the Supervisor of Canoeing, are eligible for a canoe rack. Racks shall be assigned on the basis of one rack per member, and the following order of priority: A) regular members; B) senior, guest card and honorary members.
1) Should there be any racks remaining after an initial one-rack assignment has been made, such racks may be assigned as second racks to the same classes of members, and in the same order.
2) At any time when the demand for racks exceeds the supply, they will be released promptly to the Supervisor of Canoeing for reassignment, In the following order:
1. Second racks held by senior, guest card and honorary members, and then regular members, in that order.
2. Initial racks held by senior, guest card and honorary members.
3) A user fee of $24.00 per year (payable annually, but pro-rated monthly as appropriate) for initial racks assigned to senior, guest card and honorary members, and for second racks assigned to any class.
4) Members wishing to store boats outside the canoe shed shall do so only with the approval of the Supervisor of Canoeing and in areas designated by the Supervisor. For members holding assigned racks in the canoe shed, there shall be an annual user fee of $12.00 for such outside storage.
(The second part of the rule stays as it was.)

Rules re: Assignment of Lockers
At the next meeting, there will be a move to change the rules regarding the assignment of lockers. The proposal under consideration is to make lockers available on a basis similar to the canoe racks. However, the House committee has to be clear on the availability of lockers before a rule change makes sense.

Towpath Coalition Update
Bill Eichbaum reported that Angus Phillips had a article about the situation on the front page of the Post. On behalf of the club, Bill signed a letter from the coalition to NPS urging them to re-water the canal. There were meetings with Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Morella regarding the canal. In addition there was a meeting with Doug Faris of NPS. Bill's sense is that they will put water into the canal but it will not be repaired to its pre-flood state.

New Business
Phone Tree
Bill Eichbaum is constructing a phone tree which will include regular, senior and guest card members.

Nominating Committee
Tryon Wells, Phil Jones and Bill Eichbaum will make up the nominating committee for next year's officers. They will compile a list that will be printed in the Nov. Islander and elections will be at the annual meeting in Dec.

Fan Workfest
The Fan Workfest is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 15, with a raindate of NOV. 22. Bring your kids, a dish to share, and a rake or other tools.

Locker Areas and Bathrooms
This is a reminder that the bathrooms and lockers upstairs are for women and the downstairs is for men. The exception is in the winter when the only operating bathroom is downstairs. If you, or your guests, need to use or pass through the locker room of the opposite sex, please announce yourself and be courteous. T-shirts: John Thomson will order more Sycamore Island T-shirts for sale.

Next Meeting
The October meeting will be held on the 8th at 8 p.m. at the Island. The meeting adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Holly Syrrakos, Recording Secretary