Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 9, 1997

Bill Eichbaum, John Thomson, Doc Taliaferro, Gerry Barton, Blair Bower, Johnna Robinson, George Loeb, Marcia Loeb, Susan Garbini, Holly Syrrakos

President Bill Eichbaum called the meeting to order at 8:08 p.m.

Islander Report
Editor John Thomson asked those who want to contribute to the Islander to have their pieces to him 2 weeks before the meeting date. He encouraged all to try their hand at writing and to meet the deadline. He also thanked the stuffers and mailers. John also mentioned that the Washington Canoe Club wanted to reprint parts of Doc's recent piece and will be given permission to do so.

Entertainment Committee Report
The Loebs reported that the Regatta went well -- a good time was had by all. They did raise the question of whether there should be a postcard mailing for special events or if it is possible to put a notice on the envelope of the Islander. Some members thought a telephone tree would work well to inform members of upcoming events. Blair Bower and Bill Eichbaum will work up a telephone tree for the membership to try.

Party Supervisor's Report
In John Krasny's absence, Doc reported that the Wiebensons wanted to host a party for 30 children and 7 adults on June 16th. Those present reiterated the policy that the member who is the host must attend and be responsible for the party and that waivers must be signed by the parent or guardian of the children.

Caretaker's Report
Doc said that he had talked to the Park Police about installing a call box on the towpath at the foot of the bridge, but they did not seem interested in this project.

Canoe Supervisor's Report
On behalf of David Winer, Doc reported that the canoe shed is organized and a chart will be printed. There are still a few racks available for senior members and waiting list members, in that order.

Old Business
Canoe Racks
Within a month or two, a 150 ft. chain on a spool will be attached to the clubhouse and each boat will be outfitted with a painter that can be hooked to the chain. This is to secure the boats in case of flooding. There are now a new canoe carrier and new paddles, so enjoy them.

C & O Canal Restoration Bill Eichbaum has been talking with the folks in the coalition and there was to be a meeting with Doug Faris of the C & O Canal on July 10th to try to clarify the intentions of the National Park Service. There are 12-14 community groups in the coalition, Including the Canoe Cruisers Assn.

Volleyball Net
There is a new one, regulation size. Gerry Barton and others asked that it be moved to its original site.

Pool Table
Please remember that an adult should supervise children under the age of 12 if they are using the pool table. Also, please replace the cover when you are finished.

Next Meeting
The August meeting will be held on the 13th at 8 p.m. at the Island. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Holly Syrrakos, Recording Secretary