Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 12, 1997

Bill Eichbaum, John Thomson, David Winer, Tryon Wells, Doc Taliaferro, Phyllis Taliaferro, Brad Coolidge, Peter Winkler, Gerry Barton, Susan Garbini, John Membrino, Susanna Membrino, John Krasny, Holly Syrrakos

President Bill Eichbaum called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m.

Captain's Report
On behalf of John Matthews, Bill reported that workers carried tons of material to the Island to build the canoe shed. Now the towpath Is open from Lock 5 so materials can come in by truck. The center posts and columns are in on 3 of the 6 units and now the carpenters will come to finish the 3. He noted that construction is moving quickly. There is a new water heater in the caretaker's apartment. Daffodils are up and the grass is growing. Tryon Wells requested that a list of tasks for the workfest be posted in the Islander.

Canoe Supervisor's Report
David Winer noted that when the new racks are completed, there will have to be new assignments with new rack numbers. He will also try to give the racks closest to the dock to those who use their boats regularly.

Party & Camping Report
John Krasny noted there was a party planned for the day of the workfest. It was the sense of the meeting that this was a conflict and so the meeting decided to waive the rule about party dates in this case and offer the date of April 12 as an alternative.

House Committee Report
Susan Garbini is making plans for the house and said that the refrigerator is broken. On a voice vote the meeting approved $500 for a new refrigerator and asks Doc and John Matthews to arrange to get the old one to the dump.

Entertainment Committee Report
George and Marcia Loeb are going to grill chicken for the Spring Workfest on Sunday, April 13th, with a raindate of the 20th. Drinks and paper goods will be provided. Everyone else should remember to bring side dishes.

Old Business
Web Site
Gerry Barton made enthusiastic mention of the web page saying there is lots of good info-weather reports and river levels and he encourages everyone to sign on. David Winer also likes the page, particularly the daily reports and the immediate pictures of the Potomac.
Tryon passed around hard copies of the pages and asked if the minutes should be posted. In general, the meeting believed that Internal information like verbatim minutes and membership lists will not be posted but that announcements should be. Brad Coolidge asked that e-mail addresses be added to the membership list. There will be a demonstration of the web site at the April meeting.

Spring Workfest on April 13th
The Workfest Is from 9 am until dark with grilled chicken lunch at 1:30 pm. There will be plenty of work to do and even jobs for the kids, so bring 'em along. Don't forget your contribution to the potluck.

New Business
To increase participation
A full discussion based on the Loeb's piece In the March Islander was postponed. In the meantime, Bill Eichbaum will look at past Islanders to write a report about actual levels of participation.

The Wildflower Walk is on April 12th this spring at 10 am. Joan Heidemann and Ellen Richards are the leaders.

Next Meeting
The April meeting will be held on the 9th at 8 p.m. at the Island (river permitting). After thanking the Membrinos for their hospitality, the meeting adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

Holly Syrrakos, Recording Secretary