Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 13, 1996

Warren Brown, ActiThe meeting was convened by President Bill Eichbaum at approximately 8 PM on the Island.

The following members present:
Johnna Robinson, John Matthews, John and Peggy Thomson, Bill Bays, Warren Brown, Phil Jones, Peter Jones, Holly Syrrakos, David Winer, Betty Burchell, and John Krasny.

The group began with a warm welcome for our new caretaker, James (Doc) Taliaferro and his wife Phyllis who not only arrived on the Island in flood conditions and already repaired a snagged ferry cable, but concocted some outstanding brownies and other snacks for those fortunate enough to attend the meeting.

Phil Jones reported that Tryon Wells has undertaken an effort to update and rationalize various computer systems in place for maintaining records on membership, finance and other matters. Bill Eichbaum asked that Tryon make a presentation to a future meeting about his proposal for an integrated system of lists and data bases so the club could understand what expenses would be involved and agree on what updated software or other equipment would be necessary and reasonable for the club to provide for the involved officers and committee chairs.

Canoeing supervisor David Winer repeated past requests for all members to remove their boats from the island pending reconstruction of the canoe shed, and that members notify him when boats are removed so that his records can be kept current.

Speaking of canoe storage, the shed committee has been working with architect/member John Weibenson to develop a set of plans. Recently returned from overseas, John has offered some new ideas about designs and roof treatments that might help lower construction costs and produce greater stability in flood conditions. Peter and Holly reported that access for a truck via the towpath at lock 10 was possible in light of their recent moving experience.

The group was reminded that the December meeting is the club's "Annual Meeting" for adoption of the 1997 budget and a new slate of officers and supervisors. Bill Eichbaum, Phil Jones, and Johnna Robinson will serve as nominating committee, in consultation with Peter Jones, to develop a proposed slate that will appear in the next (this) Islander and be presented to the membership for adoption at the annual meeting.

David Winer reported that Jane is getting good cooperation in recruiting substitute caretakers, and that there is a journal on the island for them to record their experiences. The group agreed that beginning on or about January 1, substitute caretakers will be asked to serve on Sundays instead of Saturdays. This change responds to a request by the new caretaker, and according to Betty Burchell, actually returns to an arrangement that existed in the past when it was difficult to shop or conduct other business on Sundays.

Warren Brown reported on an inquiry by a representative of the Glen Echo Fire Department about the possibility of using the Island as a base for training in river rescue techniques. There was general agreement that the club would like to cooperate with the Glen Echo Fire Department for this type of training, and that the caretaker would be the appropriate point of contact for scheduling such activities.

John and Peggy Thomson will be hosting the December meeting, continuing a longstanding tradition. Other members are encouraged to volunteer to host winter meetings and should notify our Editor so their offers can be scheduled and announced.

Warren Brown, Acting as Substitute Recording Secretary