Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 9, 1996

The meeting was called to order at the Island by president Bill Eichbaum at 8:10 p.m. Present were: Bill Eichbaum, Dave Winer, John Matthews, Betty Burchell, John Krasny, Tryon Wells, Phil Jones, Peggy Thomson, Katie Holdridge, Peter Jones, Johnna Robinson, Gerry Barton, Marty Burgess, Al Brown.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved as printed in the October edition of the Sycamore Islander.

President Bill Eichbaum presented Membership Secretary Peter Winkler's report that no new members had been admitted nor any new membership vacancies had opened up.

Finance Chair Phil Jones presented Financial Secretary Jinny Jones' report that only three regular members and one inactive member are in arrears on partial dues payments.

Captain John Matthews reported that the plywood surface of the canoe float would be replaced during the fall workfest. It was pointed out that that repair could be postponed until the spring workfest when the float would again be needed.

Canoe Chair David Winer repeated his appeal that members with wooden or fiberglass canoes remove their canoes from the Island since they are currently unprotected from sun and rain until the canoe shed is rebuilt. It was noted that covering the canoes with tarps on the Island would cause unnecessary hardship and confusion in the event of another flood. Currently, canoes can be pulled from the racks and lined up on the lawn with minimal difficulty.

Party Chair John Krasny said that large party rain dates made large parties difficult to schedule and that this summer's flooded out schedule was particularly onerous. It was decided that the guidelines would be reviewed and discussed after the new caretaker took up his duties.

Old Business:
The Fall Workfest was officially set for Sunday, the 17th of November. The rain date was set for the following Sunday, November 24. The Workfest begins at 10:00 a.m. with Potluck for the working-weary in the afternoon.

President Bill Eichbaum summarized the search committee's effort to make a recommendation for the caretaker's position. After a brief description of the committee's positive impressions of several candidates, he stated that the committee had decided to suggest James Taliaferro for the position. This recommendation was then voted upon and passed unanimously. James and his wife Phyllis are expected to move into the caretaker's quarters at the beginning of December.

New Business:
Peter Jones was charged with the task of developing an flood (or other) emergency checklist for successor caretakers before he leaves the Island. The checklist should include phone numbers of support and rescue agencies in the area and the steps needed to be taken by the caretaker and club members in the event of flood. It was suggested that club members should be made more aware of the impact of flooding on the Island and the efforts required by members to keep damage to a minimum - perhaps by a descriptive essay in the Sycamore Islander.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Tryon Wells, Acting Recording Secretary, October 10, 1996