Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

September 11, 1996

The meeting was held at Warren Brown's house on Waukesha Road. Present were Warren Brown, Jinny Jones, Tryon Wells, Bill Bays, John Stapko, Gerry Barton, David Winer, Johnna Robinson, John Krasny, John Matthews, Peter Jones, Barbara Kraft and Abby Morrison.

The Second Great Flood of 1996:
Peter Jones reported on the events of the recent flooding and the condition of the Island and Club facilities. The writer of these minutes arrived at the meeting after the beginning of Peter's report, but he mentioned that the canoe racks are OK, the temporary racks were "up in the trees" and elsewhere around the island, and that the picnic tables had survived. There is a lot of dirt and mud. It was agreed that Peter would draw a diagram of the river's flood currents across and around the island for future flood planning. The members will also ask Peter to draft a flood emergency handbook drawing on his vast experience with natural disasters. There has been some trouble with phone lines to the Island. The old chlorinator needs work. Peter estimates the water rose to a little under 18', about 1-1/21 less than January flood levels.

Flood Clean-Up:
Members are encouraged to help clean up the Island and buildings on Sunday afternoon, September 15. Peter and others will have reconnected the ferry lines by then. There is a lot of clean-up to do. In addition, the floor of the canoe float is deteriorating rapidly. John Matthews will decide on the combination of marine plywood and other measures for repairing it, and the project may get underway on Sunday.

John Thomson Ill:
John has been hospitalized for an infection and will soon be released. Those present wished him a speedy "Class 5 Rapids Recovery."

Regatta Rescheduled:
The Loebs' regatta scheduled for September 20 has been reset for September 28.

Budget Report:
$15,000 remains budgeted for repairs. It was agreed to encourage Peter and Holly to hire a cleaning service to clean their living quarters. Flood insurance company personnel will be requested to inspect the buildings and facilities. Once flood expenses are met, the Club will invest some of its bank balance in certificates of deposit.

Financial Secretary's Report:
Since the last report, a total of $400 has been deposited in the Sycamore Island WCMA at Merrill Lynch.

Membership Secretary's Report:
The written report showed regular membership is constant and there are a few new applicants. Peter Winkler's work as membership secretary was commended.

Canoe Protection and Shed Rebuilding - Discussion Cont'd:
Discussion was had concerning how to rebuild the canoe shed, including whether to have a roof and how big the posts should be. Those present discussed at length how to protect members' canoes that are now sitting on the front lawn. The consensus was to encourage members to take their canoes home until the canoe shed and racks are repaired and in place. We will recover the temporary racks and use them as feasible.

Replacing the Irreplaceable Peter Jones ... and Holly:
Peter and Holly are moving on, effective December 1. Bill Eichbaum, John Matthews, John Robertson and Warren Brown comprise a search committee to interview applicants and make a recommendation at the October 9 membership meeting. Four apparently qualified people have already expressed an interest in the job.

It you have comments about the job duties, send them to Warren Brown. Meanwhile, members are urged to attend the October 9 meeting and consider the search committee's recommendation.

Lifetime Honorary Membership for Peter and Holly:
Motion was so made and passed unanimously.

Membership of Children of Members:
A question was raised whether children of members should, upon leaving their parents' home and getting their own place, be required to apply for membership and, if so, be given preference over others on the waiting list. This issue was deferred until we have looked at existing by-law language and possibly developed a proposal to amend and clarify the Club's position.

The meeting adjourned at around 9:30 p.m.

Barbara Kraft, Acting Secretary