Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 8, 1996

The meeting was held at Warren Brown's house due to high water at the Island. Members present were: Warren Brown John Matthews, Johnna Robinson, Gerry Barton, Dave Winer, Jinny Jones, Bill Eichbaum, Phil Jones, Blair Bower, John Thomson, Brad Coolidge, Peggy Thomson, Peter Jones, John Krasny and Les Nicholson.

The Treasurer's Report was given, indicating a reserve fund of $12,000 and approximately $27,000 for post-flood repairs, not including the $9000 budgeted for ordinary repairs.

A Membership Report was given. There are 153 regular members, and there has been 1 resignation. There are presently 125 names on the waiting list. The rules will be revisited and reviewed at the June meeting.

George and Nancy Rogers, on the waiting list for six years, were approved for membership. All members have paid dues, with one possible exception.

Peter Jones reported that a tremendous amount of work was done at the Workfest. Although minor fix-up items remain, "the Island is generally in pretty good shape." John Matthews and Peter Jones will coordinate the remaining electrical work.

Heavy construction cannot go forward until the canal and tow path repairs are further along. Rain is, of course, delaying the progress. If there is no more substantial bad weather, then work on the Island can begin in about one month, in mid-June.

What is left of the canoe shed must be torn down; it is not worth saving. The new shed will replicate the previous one with a capacity of 70 to 75 canoes. A discussion of proposed shed ideas followed. Also the cost and wisdom of using contractors vs. volunteers to demolish the shed was discussed. John Matthews wants to pull the shed down with volunteers and salvage the tin and anything else. Les Nicholson expressed concern about possible injury. What is the cost of salvaging the tin? All these ideas are being reviewed by the designers. Baker Engineers has made an initial pro bono visit to assess the situation. In any case, the canoe owners will be notified in advance of work on the canoe shed so they can remove canoes. There will be a strong notice that the shed destruction will leave canoes totally unprotected after June 1, 1996. Owners will be telephoned in addition to the notice in the Islander. Rack fees will continue with no refunds. A letter dated May 6, 1996, from Paul Rosa of the Potomac Conservancy was read concerning restoration work on locks 6, 7 and 8 and the status and prognosis for repairs on the tow paths and canal breaches. Resurfacing the tow path will cost $87,000. The National Trust for Historic Preservation will contribute $42,000. NEW BUSINESS: The deadline for the next Islander is May 21. Send copy to John Thomson. The Canoe Cruisers Race will occur on May 19 and refreshments will be served on the Island. Peter Jones and John Thomson will contact the "refreshment people." It was announced that the restoration of the Monacacy Aqueduct is underway. --Laureen and Les Nicholson, Acting Recording Secretary