Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 10, 1996

Those present included: Peter Jones, Dick Bridge, John Stapko, Peter Winkler, Phil Jones, John S. Thomson, Bill Bays, David Winer, Margaret Herring, John Lentz, Gerry Barton, Johnna Robinson, John Matthews and Bill Eichbaum.

1. The treasurer reported that we were "pretty well on course." We have received $1,490 in donations for the National Park Foundation in addition to the Club's $500 donation. We want to give the money to the Potomac Conservancy instead so that it goes to this stretch of the towpath. The Potomac Conservancy is responsible for the cleanup from Lock 5 to Lock 10. Bill Eichbaum will call the donors to see if they'll switch over.

2. Financial report: $4200 has been deposited in the last couple of weeks. 16 people owe $3400 in delinquent dues. Another $3500 in guest fees is owed by people on the waiting list. Anyone not paid up by May 1st is considered to have resigned.

3. Membership report: membership is steady at 155 members. 25 people on the waiting list have not paid their yearly fee. Peter Winkler will call them and if they haven't paid by May 1st, they will be considered to have resigned.

4. Pat Bode is the lucky winner of a free Sunday brunch at the Inn at Glen Echo. Her name was picked at random among those members who had volunteered to be Saturday caretakers last year.

5. Electrical work: John Matthews talked to an electrician who said it would cost $300-400 for two electricians to come down and check out our electrical system for a day. The cost of changing our fuse box to a circuit breaker would be about $1,000. We will get another estimate before we decide.

6. The Canoe Shed Committee has made a tentative decision to tear down the canoe shed and rebuild it with the same capacity and general look and hire a structural engineer for up to $1,000. There may be some changes, such as using trusses or putting the canoes at an angle. They have no firm recommendations yet.

7. The meeting approved, two school groups who were willing to come and help with our clean up.

8. The Club encourages members to take their canoes home until the canoe shed has been rebuilt. If you want to leave your boat on the Island and feel it may be damaged by the elements, you can put it inside the shed.

9. This year is the 40th anniversary of the Potomac White Water Race, which will be held on Sunday, May 19th. Anyone who would like to help with ferrying, please contact Peter Jones.

-- Peter Jones, Acting Secretary