Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 13, 1996

President Bill Eichbaum called the meeting to order at the home of Jeffrey and Angela Glossar. Thirteen members were present, Peggy Thomson, Brad Coolidge, Peter Jones, Holly Syrrakos, John Krasney, David Winer, Johnna. Robinson, Jinny Jones, John Matthews, John Stapko and the Glossers.

The membership report was read. The waiting list is 130, there are three new applicants, nine guest cards were issued.

The treasurer reported on expenditures, there was a discussion of monies available for flood repairs and it was decided that about $8K would be available through the current budget and about $10K could be made available if the membership decided to use a backup fund. The flood insurance claim report has not been received from the adjuster. The most crucial item was deemed to be the repair of the electrical system. John Stapko will look into an estimate. Jinny Jones reported that there are 26 members with dues outstanding for a total of $7,600. The list of delinquents was divided among volunteers who will call and inquire about payment.

Bill Eichbaum reported on a meeting with Doug Faris of the Park Service. The repairs on the canal may take some time, due to the severe damage. Members who wish to contribute to the C & O Canal Restoration Fund may send checks to Johnna Robinson who will bundle them together with a letter to the National Park Foundation. The ferry has been in service for some time, but access to the island should be limited to persons who would like to help with the cleanup. The Saturday caretakers will commence on April 6. Club members should refer to the items in the "1996 Flood Repair Report" from Bill Eichbaum, this issue, to see what useful contributions they can make in restoring the island to safe use. Each Sunday there will be a mini-workfest from 12 til 5.

Captain John Matthews reported on a sketch for rebuilding the canoe shed. David Winer presented a report from a Canoe Shed Engineer's Meeting. There was discussion of the purchase of a new tether for the string of canoes. Floods seem to bring out the best in latent engineers. Only fragile and wooden canoes are now under the shed roof.

The Spring Workfest will be April 21. We hope the island will be in good shape by the time of the annual Whitewater Race the first Sunday in May.

It was noted by Brad Coolidge that the easement approved by the membership at a recent meeting will allow for all the repairs contemplated.

The meeting was adjourned and refreshments were enjoyed. The next meeting will be on the Island.

--Johnna Robinson, Acting Recording Secretary