Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

December 13, 1995

The meeting was called to order by Bill Eichbaum, vice-president. The agenda included: the election of officers for 1996, approval of the budget and first, reports from committees chairs.

Members present were: Les Nicholson, Laureen Nicholson, Joe Vogel, Mary Vogel, Bill Bays, Brad Coolidge, John Stapko, David Winer, Jinny Jones, Marcia Loeb, Gerry Barton, Dick Bridge, R. Bower, Joan Kugler, Bill Kugler, Peggy Thomson, Margaret Herring, Philip Jones, Sally Strain, Peter Winkler, John Thomson, Abby Morrison, Bill Eichbaum, Jane Winer and Johnna Robinson.

The financial report was submitted and indicated that the club is in "fairly good shape"' since the overall total is $12,000, because there were many more guest card fees collected this year than usual. (More finances later)

The membership report recounted that the Washington Post article about Sycamore Island elicited about 20 new waiting list members, bringing the total to 133 names on the waiting list. The membership limit is 155.

In an attempt to organize the lockers, it was discovered that there is about "5 lockers worth of unclaimed gear." Does this stuff belong to you?

Sycamore Island is going high tech. There will be a computerized spreadsheet identifying the location and ownership of the canoes in the canoe rack. A committee is trying to establish the status of canoes at this moment.

Professionally made metal signs warning of the dangers of the Potomac River are ready and will be put up in the spring.

The new slate of officers was announced and a motion was made for approval. The vote was unanimous: President - Bill Eichbaum; Vice-President - Warren Brown; Recording Secretary - The Nicholsons (Laureen, Les and John); Treasurer Johnna Robinson; Editor - John Thomson; Archivist - Jesse Bateman; Captain - John Matthews; Deputy Captain - John Stapko. There are no changes in the supervisors of canoes, swimming, grounds, plumbing, electricity, camping and parties. Chairs of: Finance - Phil Jones; Law - Chris Klieforth; House - Amanda and Peter Cannell; Entertainment - George and Marcia Loeb.

The Proposed Budget for 1996 was submitted and indicated inflows and outflows, as well as indications about payments to vacation caretakers, 1996 insurance adding the cost of fire insurance on the clubhouse and cash on hand. There was a discussion about a capital expenditure for a "warm room" for Saturday caretakers, a labeled circuit breaker box and repairs to the pool table ($700). There was a motion to approve the budget. It was approved. "Excellent job," was noted.

There was a discussion about a lottery for people who serve as Saturday caretakers. The prize would be a dinner for two.

John Thomson asked members to write and submit articles for The Islander.

Members please give e-mail addresses, Web sites and Fax numbers in the future in addition to "telephone numbers."

A motion was approved to give an end-of-the-year $500 bonus to Peter and Holly.

A. Newman has a letter and photos from a grandson of an original member.

Discovery Creek, part of the Children's Museum, needs volunteers.

The entertainment for the evening was by the Island Caretaker, Peter, who showed slides from his trip to Ireland and sang the song he wrote "Kilkelly."

TO WHOM DO WE GIVE THE EASEMENT? Resolve to ponder, for it will be voted on in the new year.

The January meeting will be held January 10 at 8 p.m. at the home of Les and Laureen Nicholson, 6600 Kennedy Drive, Chevy Chase, Md. (RSVP 301-951-0958.)