Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

November 8, 1995

This is the last meeting to be held on the Island in 1995. The evening was dark but not unpleasant. Those in attendance were Warren Brown, President, Bill Eichbaum, Gerry Barton, Peter Jones, Brad Coolidge, John Matthews, Johnna Robinson, Blair Bower, Peter Winkler & Phil Jones. In the absence of any member of the Nicholson family, Bill Eichbaum took the minutes.

Warren Brown called the meeting to order. The first order of business was the presentation of the report of the Nominating Committee for Club officers for 1996. Bill Eichbaum presented the following report of nominations:

President - Bill Eichbaum
Vice-President - Warren Brown
Recording Secretary - The Nicholson Family
Treasurer - Johnna Robinson
Financial Secretary - Virginia Jones
Editor - John Thomson
Archivist - Jessie Bakeman
Captain - John Matthews
Deputy Captain - John Stapko

Finance - Phil Jones
Law - Chris Kliefoth
House - Amanda & Peter Cannell
Entertainment - George & Marcia Loeb

No Changes

This slate of nominations will be voted on at the December meeting of the Club.

Following the report of the nominating committee the Treasurer presented her report. The "Accounting Year" expenditures report covering the period 11/1/94 - 10/31/95 appeared to indicate that the Club's finances are in good order. Issues to anticipate for increases next year include insurance costs and mailing and production costs for the Islander. It appears that there are no extraordinary capital costs with the possible exception of substantial upgrades to the electrical system. The proposed budget for 1996 will be presented at the December meeting for final approval.

The report of the Financial Secretary indicated that several members appear to still be delinquent in payment of their 1995 dues. There will be followup phone calls.

The report of the membership secretary indicated that 11 new applications have been received and there were no openings for new members. There are 130 applicants on the waitlist of whom 41 had not paid Islander fee. These applicants have been informed that they will be dropped from the list unless they pay fee by December 31, 1995. Peter Winkler noted that several members have chosen to assume inactive status but have not informed him. It is important that members who chose to change their status advise Peter so that he can keep records up to date and recommend new members be accepted where appropriate. As a final matter it was noted that the Club seems to have a variety of grace periods and modes of notification, etc. for those tardy in payment of fees. Peter was asked to make recommendations at a future meeting regarding a straightforward and simple procedure for the future.

There was no new discussion of issues regarding the easement and who it should be donated to.

It was noted that the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club was carrying out extensive repairs to the access trail with the assistance of Club members. This initiative was largely the resulted of Warren Brown's efforts and he is to be congratulated for accomplishing much in this regard.