Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 12, 1995

The meeting was called to order by Bill Eichbaum, acting chair. Members present were: Gerry Barton, Bill Bays, Brad Cooledge, Bill Eichbaum, Peter Jones, John Matthews, Laureen Nicholson, Les Nicholson, Johnna Robinson, and David Winer. The following reports were given:

No changes.

The January I through June 30 1995, report was submitted by J. Robinson. The total income was $47,372.39,(not including an estimated $2000 held by the financial secretary), and the total expenses so far this year were $24,896.74 and appear to be within budget.

The project to obtain signs is proceeding but bidding is slow. Several suggestions were made to enhance the appearance and maintenance of the club canoes. First a bucket and swab will be kept by the dock and all members are urged to clean out the canoes after each use. Second, a simple elevated wood platform will be utilized for the storage of the club canoes Third, members are encouraged to keep the dock clear and clean.

Peter Jones advised that the drinking water had been professionally tested at the kitchen tap. This water is safe to drink after running it for five minutes. The Island now has a warm water system for showers. The winter toilet in the men's bathroom has been completed and new carpeting will be installed in both bathrooms. Men's and women's lockers are available, so call Bill Eichbaum if you need or want a locker.

Following the reports, Brad Coolidge raised a question about the inspection rights of the grantee under the Conservation Easement approved at the June 14, 1995, meeting. The minutes of the meeting did not reflect that an inspection could only occur thirty days after being requested in writing. There was general agreement that the minutes should be so corrected. There was also a question about future clubhouse expansion rights under the Easement. The members present were unsure whether future expansion was based on the "footprint" of the existing building or the total interior square-footage of the building. Brad Coolidge received a letter from Paul Rosa containing a great deal of interesting information about Sycamore Island. Members may obtain a copy from Brad and excerpts may be included in future issues of The Islander. A question was raised about the ownership of the island. Bill Eichbaum explained that the island was owned by The Sycamore Island Club, a non-profit corporation.

On July 12, 1995, twenty canoes, containing 5 members of the Park Service and numerous Sycamore Island Club members, spent 3 1/2 hours paddling from Edward's Ferry to Violet's Lock The purpose of this traditional trip, which included a 45 minute lunch on the river, was to expose members of the Park Service to the Potomac River and its island environment. There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned.

-- The Nicholson Family, Recording Secretaries