Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 10, 1995

Members present and signing in included Warren Brown, John Matthews, Phil Jones, Holly Syrrakos, Peter Jones, Dick Schleicher, Carol Schleicher, Art Gutnick, John Krasny, David Winer, Johnna Robinson, Gerry Barton, John Stapko, Bill Bays, and Phil Thorson.

The meeting began at 8:05 with a report on the budget situation from Treasurer Johnna Robinson. Revenues and expenses are pretty much as anticipated and there are no noteworthy financial problems to report at this time.

Financial Secretary Phil Jones reported that 5 members had not paid their dues: Robert Bender, Wayne Coy, Kyle Chambers, Terence Murphy and David Schneier. It was reported that each of these people had been contacted by the Financial Secretary, or all reasonable efforts to reach them had been exhausted. Following a brief discussion that focused on concerns about the lost revenues from delay in filling vacancies as they appear, there was agreement that in accordance with the bylaws, these members were deemed to have resigned for failure to pay their dues. Consistent with previous applications of the bylaws, no formal resolution or additional notice is required, and these people are no longer members as of May 10. However, there was general agreement that appeals for reinstatement could be considered if there has been some confusion about recording payments or other extraordinary circumstances. **

Warren presented a written report on behalf of Membership Secretary Peter Winkler who was not able to attend. This indicated that there were now 6 vacancies, ready to be filled. The next 6 families or individuals on the waiting list were unanimously voted in as new members: Sharon and Kenneth Callaway, Sandra and David Robinson, Margaret and Patrick Barry, Lisa and Christopher Kliefoth, John and Anne Marie Cunningham, and Patricia Miller. The membership Secretary was asked to notify these new additions to the club. This action restores the number of regular members to 155. Phil Jones also reported that Tryon Wells and Maximillian Goepp had moved to inactive status.

Recently admitted new members Richard and Carol Schleicher inquired about the procedure for notifying new members of their admission to the club, suggesting that they had not seen a notice in the Islander of their promotion from wait list to full members.

Captain John Matthews reported that improvements to the clubhouse and restrooms this year had been essentially completed.

Warren asked Deputy Captain John Stapko to coordinate the routine inspection by the Safety committee and report back as soon as possible if any action is required. A suggestion was made to install life rings on or near the swim float, and Peter was asked to implement the plan to designate a canoe "for emergency use only" near the float as soon as possible.

David Winer reported that the text was ready for some additional safety signs as discussed in previous meetings, and agreed to pursue having the new signs made up, in a style consistent with the other (small) safety or informational signs now on the island.

A few minor corrections and improvements in the application form and waiver for large parties were noted and will be addressed when the forms are reprinted. Warren also noted that a question had been raised about the relationship between indemnifications by party hosts and the club's liability policy. It was generally agreed that the intent was to have hosts indemnify the club for any claims not covered by insurance. Johnna Robinson appealed for volunteers from the legal and insurance experts in the membership to look over our policy and advise on how to improve the wording of our liability waiver and indemnification forms.

It also was agreed that the individual waivers needed to be held for three years, and that they might be most appropriately held in a file cabinet (kept secure) in the clubhouse. (Responsibility for obtaining the file cabinet remains to be assigned.)

The easement proposal was discussed briefly, recognizing that the major debate is scheduled for the next meeting. Warren reported that specific comments and suggestions about the proposed draft easement should be forwarded to Mark Schlefer, as requested in the material mailed with the last Islander. Johnna Robinson and Warren also reported on some extensive comments and concerns about the easement they had received by phone from member James Mehlinger. A motion was made and adopted that Johnna's notes from this conversation should be published in the Islander, unless Mehlinger submits his own written comments for publication. In addition to concerns about the text of the easement and the wisdom of conveying a permanent interest in club property to another party, there were some questions about the voting procedure that would be applied at the next meeting.

With rain beginning to fall, the meeting adjourned at about 9:30 for a soggy return to the parking areas.

-- Notes courtesy of John Stapko and Warren Brown