Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

March 8, 1995

The meeting began at approximately 8 PM with the following members signing in: Warren Brown, Bill Bays, John Krasny, Ann Satterthwaite, Peggy Thomson, Judy Lentz, Brad Coolidge, Greg Super, Johnna Robinson, Peter Jones, Karl Kosok, John Thomson, John Matthews. Warren suggested that the primary goal of the meeting was to reach agreement on proposed changes in the rules and guidelines for large parties, but that a final decision would be deferred until the next meeting. Updates on the easement issue and other business were also on the schedule. John Thomson announced that the great whitewater race is scheduled for May 14. The Entertainment committee will be asked to make arrangements for refreshments, and the need for extra help with hosting, running the ferry etc. was noted with the hope that members would volunteer. Treasurer Johnna Robinson presented a report from Financial secretary Mable Wallich showing that as of March 8, 1995, 46 members had not paid their dues. This was cause for considerable concern and strong sentiment that delinquents should "be coddled no longer" as they are responsible for the club losing a considerable amount of money--especially considering the long waiting list of those who want to join. It was suggested that excuses about the dog eating the bill were not acceptable, and that the penalties for non-payment as outlined in the bylaws should be enforced. As there was some uncertainty about the status of the members on the "delinquent" list, those present agreed to call people to offer a gentle reminder that at the end of the quarter they were at risk of being "deemed to have resigned" per the bylaws. The list was divided in 5 parts, and callers will report to Mable and Johnna within the next two weeks. Captain John Matthews reported on the status of proposals to continue the clubhouse improvement program with electrical work, floor coverings, plumbing connections and upgrades with water saver toilets, an enclosed outdoor shower, etc. The next step is for John to develop some cost estimates and present a proposal for what can be done within the $5,000 available in the budget. The large party issue was then discussed with strong arguments by both party givers and those concerned about the impacts of large group events on the island. Ann Satterthwaite noted that several concerned individuals and members of previous ad hoc committees to investigate the party issue could not be present. Warren summarized a note from Blair Bower questioning some of the points about administrative simplicity in the last Islander. Party hosts including Karl Kosok and Greg Super recounted having pleasant experiences for their families and friends; counterpoints were offered about the fragile character of the island and the threats posed by large groups to the special qualities reported as being highly valued by the membership survey. With no signs of either side changing their position, Brad Coolidge moved that the current party policy be maintained, with the minor revisions as suggested in Warren's proposal in the last Islander and the details presented to a vote of the membership at the next meeting. This motion was discussed at some additional length and finally adopted. Warren will consolidate the proposed revisions for publication in the next Islander so that a final decision can be made at the April meeting. Brad reported on the easement poll: 56% for continuing to work on the easement, 28% no easement at all, and 16% look for middle ground. The easement committee proposes to continue refining the draft easement, circulate it to all members, conduct another round of post card replies, and then have the final proposal voted on at a regular meeting. The costs of post card polls were noted as a matter of concern and questions were raised about previous plans to put the easement question to a vote of the entire membership. Extensive discussion of voting procedures and details of the easement proposal are likely to take place before a final decision. With snow fall increasing, the meeting adjourned at 10 PM to a delicious refreshment table presented by the Matthews. -- Based on Bill Bays notes and added to by Warren Brown