Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 8, 1995

The February meeting of the Club was held at the home of Alan and Ann Boneau who were very gracious hosts, providing especially pleasant refreshments at the conclusion of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order shortly after 8:00pm by Warren Brown, President. Those in attendance included: Phil Jones, Peter Jones, Alan and Ann Boneau, Jack Colwell, John Krasny, Brad Coolidge, Peter Winkler, John Matthews, John Thomson, Johnna Robinson, Margaret Herring, Warren Brown, and Bill Eichbaum.

The minutes of the January meeting were duly approved.

A contribution in the amount of $25 from Robert Yoder, an Honorary member, toward the Islander was noted.

A report regarding the budget appeared satisfactory. Receipts run in excess of $8,000, while expenditures are at $3,900. A companion report from the financial secretary indicated that as of the end of January the Club had a balance of $23,088 on its books.

There were no changes reported regarding membership; although John Thomson reported that Paul Sailer had resigned.

Old Business
There was discussion as to whether the waiver of liability form was-up to date. After some discussion, it was decided that this matter should be referred to the Club's legal experts for further review.

John Thomson has undertaken to procure new Sycamore Island Canoe Club patches. These are now available. The Club voted to reimburse John for the amount of $550.95 which he expended for 300 patches.

After some discussion, it was decided that there was now no need to issue membership cards to members of the Club.

Under the leadership of the Captain there was some discussion of new designs for sewage treatment systems as well as innovative designs to protect the canoes during flooding. As a result of this discussion, members are reminded that they need to assure that canoe painters are in a sound condition.

The recommendations of David Winer regarding new signs were generally approved with the note that the Club should recommend that life preservers be worn at all times.

The construction schedule for this Spring is to: finish the women's looker room, finish all plumbing, complete the caretaker's kitchen and finish needed electrical work. Possible repairs to the pool table will also be investigated. PAINTING ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE CLUBHOUSE: PLEASE CONTACT BILL EICHBAUM.

The large party question was further discussed and it was decided that the issue should be put to a vote at the next meeting. The basic question will be whether larger parties should be restricted on an alternating even/odd day basis on weekends as previously discussed.

The Spring Workfest will be held on April 23 with the raindate being April 30.

The March meeting will be at the home of John Matthews.

-- Bill Eichaum, Acting Recording Secretary