Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 11, 1995

The meeting was called to order at 8:10p.m. by Warren Brown, President.

Warren Brown, Mable Wallich, John Matthews, David Winer, Johnna Robinson, John Krasny, Peter Jones, Bill Bays, Peter Winkler, Kathleen Peters, John Stapko, Betty Burchell, John Thomson, and Brad Coolidge.

The meeting began with a discussion of the Potomac Conservancy easement. John Stapko raised questions about the easement. John Thomson said that we were not yet ready to sign. Warren Brown stated that he believed that the vote would be for the entire membership and waiting list. He would check to see if a mail-in vote is allowed by the by-laws. Further discussion on the easement was delayed until a future meeting at the suggestion of Warren Brown. However, later in the meeting, Brad Coolidge said that he worried that there was no response from the "Silent Majority" and requested that members please let him know their thoughts. He made a motion for a postcard "straw" vote. The motion was seconded by David Winer and was carried. John Thomson said that the Potomac Conservancy concept was to protect the whole Potomac Valley and he will place an article in the Islander to explain the concept to the membership.

Blair Bower, who was not in attendance, asked the President to point out that the proposals for large party fees and other requirements were not his; he was just a recorder of ideas that were forwarded to him. Discussion of the party issue was also deferred to the future, except for the problem of waivers for party guests later in the meeting. The general discussion (without decision) suggested that people having large parties indemnify the club in some manner and that the club make sure that the host has always signed a waiver. It was questioned whether or not we should turn back large parties who arrive without signed waivers. John Krasny reported that he already has 3 large party reservations.

John Thomson reported that plans for the Whitewater Race were still undecided (Canoe Cruiser Club). He mentioned that the Canoe Cruisers were founded because of the Whitewater Race and that their first meeting was held in our clubhouse.

Johnna Robinson presented the budget and stated that we are pretty much on target. She explained that T-shirts were paid for in 1994 but that additional money from sales will be collected in 1995. Brad Coolidge questioned whether we should put out funds for T-shirts and patches without a commitment for purchase by members. There was also a discussion of the problem that some bills are presented without the Treasurer knowing the amount beforehand and a discussion of how to allow for furniture replacements in the budget. No decision was reached on either of these matters.

Kathleen Peters reported on membership and placed 5 names in nomination; the nominations were seconded by John Thomson. The new members are Timothy and Linda Downs; Daniel Dozier and Martha Salt; Peter and Amanda Cannell; R. Christian Berg; Richard and Carol Schleicher. Peter Winkler, our new membership chairman, thanked Kathleen Peters, outgoing membership chairman for all her help.

A discussion of dues delinquencies then followed. Glenn Garelik was placed in the Inactive category since it is known that he is out of the country. The Finance Secretary was asked by the President to formalize procedures for delinquent members.

Our President Warren Brown then brought up the problem of small attendance at workfests and opened discussion on how to improve participation. Kathleen recommended that we do not "keep track" of what people do for the club and then tie this to whether or not they can hold large parties since record keeping would be a burden. Warren stated that we need more publicity on the Senior Party and suggested that we have a new member party. There was a consensus agreement.

John Thomson, who is in charge of the Islander, said that we use a professional mailing service for printing, but that we still need volunteers for mailing. 342 Islanders are mailed to members and other organizations.

Warren Brown and Peter Jones, our caretaker, emphasized that we need understudies for chairmen of committees and that we need to get a team effort going on projects. John Thomson suggested that the chairmen place articles regarding future projects in the Islander so that more members will volunteer.

John Stapko, deputy chairman of safety, stated that we need safety signs around the swimming area. David Winer has copy ready to be made into signs and will place designs for signs in the Islander for comment. Bill Bays brought up the problem of beavers in the river and stated that three trees have been 90% cut by the beavers and that they pose a possible safety hazard. He will inquire as to whether or not the beavers can be moved to another location.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Mable I. Wallich, Secretary Pro-tem