Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 12, 1994

The meeting began shortly after 8:00 with the following members present: Warren Brown, Blair Bower, David Winer, John Krasny, Trip Reid, Jim Snow, Mark & Marion Schlefer, Bill Eichbaum, Al Brown, Susan Garbini, John Thomson, and Jasper & Fern Ingersoll.

In the interest of allowing the maximum time possible for the question of a conservation easement, the President deferred the normal officer and committee reports. In the absence of a Secretary, Bill Eichbaum agreed to record the broad themes of the meeting.

General Discussion:
Airport Noise:
it was noted that Al Brown had submitted to the FAA a paper on the issue of Slot Rules at Washington National Airport in anticipation of a hearing scheduled for October 19.

The Conservation Easement:
A further presentation was made by representatives of the Potomac Conservancy, specifically Paul Rosa and Mac Thornton. The two main arguments put forward for the Club's granting of an easement are: 1. we should stand in solidarity with others trying to preserve the quality of the Potomac River corridor, and 2. we should guard against catastrophic change in the future which might allow private-for profit successor owners of the island to destroy the environmental quality which we all value.

In discussing the question of an easement the following points emerged: the grantees might visit the Island once a year to confirm compliance; the restrictions are probably about what now exists under Montgomery County zoning restrictions for the island; the Club needs some flexibility to accommodate reasonable future expansion.

With respect to the Club's needs, the following points were made:
* there needs to be some flexibility to allow design variability in the possible future configuration of the club house and related facilities;
* there is a need to have some flexibility to accommodate growth in membership;
* there should be a strict limitation on noise pollution sources;
* there needs to be some flexibility to account for technological changes in the future; and
* it is clear that Rupert's should be the subject of much more restrictive conditions than Sycamore.

After further discussion, a motion to continue negotiation of an easement was approved by a vote of 14 to 1. Also with respect to the question of defining the degree of flexibility in future growth it was voted that the Club might want to increase the "footprint" of its structures on Sycamore by 25%. This motion carried 8 to 3.

As reflected by the above votes, it is the general view of those who have attended the series of meetings in which the issue of an easement has been discussed that the Club should grant an easement. However, it is also clear that the Club desires a clear degree of flexibility for the future utilization of Sycamore Island consistent with the values of the Club and the aesthetic quality of the Potomac corridor. It is strongly urged that those who have views on this issue should communicate with Brad Coolidge in the next two weeks after receipt of this issue of the Islander All members of the Club have received the proposed easement. Specific recommendations for modifications are what is needed at this moment in time.

Once a basic proposal has been developed, itwill be submitted to the entire membership of the Club for their consideration.

At about 10:00 pm the meeting adjourned.

Bill Eichbaum, Acting Secretary