Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 10, 1994

The meeting began shortly after 8 PM with the following present: Warren Brown, Johnna Robinson, Richard Bridge, Art Gutnick, David Winer, Blair Bower, Trip Reid, Al Brown, Bill Eichbaum, Peter Jones, Phil Thorson, Philip Jones.

Warren urged that the meeting be conducted expeditously (it was) as many interested members were out of town and it had been agreed that no major policy decisions would be made in August.

Treasurer Johnna Robinson circulated the budget report, said that finances are O.K. All members but one paid up.

Kathleen Peters had submitted for the record a report indicating 154 members including four recent additions: Richard Bridge and Jean Goertner, Paul and Patricia Wohlford, Marianne Freeman and Harold Talisman, Joseph and Tamara Belden. The report also showed 8 guest cards issued, 8 applications sent out, and 126 on the waiting list.

Warren reported that a letter to John Thomson had made a proposal for consideration at a future meeting that people on the waiting list could get special privileges in exchange for contributions such as caretaking, working on 3rd Saturday workfests, etc. The discussion veered off to cover privileges of those on the waiting list in general. Decided to leave this issue for a future meeting where the questions of fees, privileges and equity of treatment of waiting list people could be discussed. The Membership Secretary, in consultation with others, will be asked to outline the issues for discussion at a future meeting before the year's end.

Locker meister Bill Eichbaum said that responses to the notice on lockers had been good, i.e. nobody had any objections to the notice, and a few members had inquired about the possibility of getting locker space.

Canoe meister David Winer read proposed signs to put people on notice about potential dangers of swimming and canoeing. Signs reflect an attempt to have language specific enough to give reasonable notice, but not so detailed that everyone would be put off from reading them (as in fine print). Decided that the proposed signs should be shared with the safety committee for comment, and that anyone else who had comments would be welcome. Dick Bridge said he would provide David with a copy of the equivalent notices from the Canoe Cruisers Association.

Peter Jones reported that clubhouse construction is likely to start soon, maybe next week.

The question of how and when the issue of proposed changes in the rules concerning large parties was raised. Warren reminded that per previous meetings the agreement was to refine existing rules at least on a temporary basis. Peter presented new guidelines drafted by party chairman John Krasny. These were determined to be clarifications and refinements of current policy, not a major change. It was moved and voted to accept them as interim guidelines and to publish them in the Islander, with comments welcomed.

It was then determined that the larger issues of whether there should be a limit on the number of large parties, a higher fee for parties, a limit on the number of people allowable for any given party, and other significant large party concerns, would be set for the November meeting (noting that October meeting would focus on the conservation easement). Blair Bower volunteered to take the lead in framing the alternatives for discussion at the meeting. Interested souls may contact him. (note from WB: Ann Satterthwaite and Heddi Reid previously drafted a proposal, let's keep ad hoc committees working through the established party supervisor, John Krasny).

One suggestion was that there should be a checklist that the person "on duty" whenever there was a large party would fill out. The checklist would include decorum, clean up, safety precautions, etc. with specified consequences for failure to have a clean bill, e.g. no future parties allowed for x years, a fine, or whatever.

Warren raised the question of what were the requirements for a vote on the conservation easement, suggesting that a major irrevocable conveyance of club ownership rights might require something other than a simple majority of members present at a meeting. Decided to check with club attorneys for legal and policy guidance.

Peter said that in response to the points in a recent letter about Saturday caretakers, he had drafted proposed instructions/guidelines. These will be published in the Islander as a draft, posted on the bulletin board and used until further refinements are made. It was suggested that relief caretaker meister Barbara Fischer send the guidelines to caretakers whenever she signed one on so that they would know what is expected of them. It was noted that if a relief caretaker has a question about responsibilities while on duty, they should call the club president or the captain, not the caretaker coordinator.

Meeting adjourned at about 9:15 pm.

-- Trip Reid, Acting Secretary