Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 13, 1994

The July meeting of the Sycamore Island Canoe Club was held on the clubhouse deck on July 13, 1994 with 16 members eating ice cream as a warm down.

At the meeting were Mark Schlefer, Art Gutnick, Dick Bridge, Bill Eichbaum, Leah Hertz, Betty Burchell, David Winer, John Krasny, Peter Jones, Jane Winer, Bill Kugler, Mabel Wallich, Al Brown, Bill Bays, Warren Brown, Fern Ingersol, Jay Ingersol and Johnna Robinson.

President Warren Brown presented the results of the survey, commenting that nearly 1/3 of the members responded. The results are summarized elsewhere in this Islander. This information was the basis for a general discussion about the desires of the members for the ambience of the island. The main points discussed were the effect of large parties on the island. The wisdom of granting an environmental easement to the Maryland Environmental Trust (or some other appropriate body), and river safety for guests and members. By general agreement it was decided that a letter from Marilyn Fuchs concerning difficulty she experienced while serving as the relief caretaker would be published and some guidelines will be drawn up for the use of relief caretakers. The environmental easement issue will be dealt with by publishing points for discussion in the Islander, these points to be voted on at the October meeting. The large party issue will be handled by following current rules more closely and by providing more guidance to the membership and guests about river safety and appropriate island behavior. As the club seems to veer between Control and Anarchy, it is thought that contentious issues need to be published before votes are taken.

The Financial Secretary Mabel Wallich reported that $5,626 in dues, application fees, Guest Card fees, Islander subscriptions and large party fees has been deposited this month. The Treasurer, Johnna Robinson, provided a budget report and noted that there is about $34,900 in the bank and $10K in a CD. All dues have been collected, excepting those which are being paid in installments. There was no membership report. There may be one or two openings for new members.

President Brown asked that an interested person speak up to become the recording secretary.

Bill Kugler reported that the canoeing supervisor had chosen three of the more ratty club canoes to donate to a group which will refurbish them and give them to the Boy Scouts. Betty Burchell reported that the county government has very recently approved funding for purchase of a tract on the bluff for a Potomac overlook park.

The locker list provided by Bill Eichbaum elicited some comments. It was decided by motion that by October 30 lockers which are listed to former or absent members will be cleaned out and the contents saved. Lockers will be assigned to any regular members who request them. By bylaw, senior members are not entitled to lockers unless there are extras not used by regular members. Persons with a locker in jeopardy should check with Bill.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.

-- Johnna Robinson, Acting Secretary