Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 11, 1994

The group adopted the minutes of the previous meeting as published in the Islander.

The club received a letter from Kay Bachman, a former member who sent a $50 special donation along with subscription fees.

Treasurer's Report:
The Club has $14,000 in the bank account with a $10,000 CD due in November. We are expecting another $28,000 deposit soon.

Finance Report:
$6,286 was brought in since the last report. $24,000 was deposited. Twenty-nine members have not paid any dues yet this year and Phil Jones will mail out a reminder notice.

Jeff Finn resigned and Dick Bridge and Jean Goertner were voted into membership. There were also six additions to the guest list. The meeting voted to issue membership cards so that Saturday caretakers would be able to identify members. The membership cards will be a different color than the guest cards.

House Committee:
House Supervisor Bill Eichbaum reported that he has a slightly updated locker list with lots of questions and that he will submit something in the next newsletter asking for a response so that he can further update the list.

John Matthews outlined the alternative renovations plan and there was some discussion about submersible pumps and where to put the dryer in the caretaker quarters. John noted that the plan will take a corner out of the screen porch. In the men's bathroom we would build two stalls with doors and move the main door downstream, as well as remove the pipes and patch the floor. In the locker room he would like to install 4-6 fluorescent lights on a single switch. The foyer to the women's locker room would be turned into a warm room, which would be insulated and have an insulated window, where we could install an electric heater on a time switch. In the women's bathroom we would remove the shower, turn the toilets so they face downstream and build separate stalls. His rough cost estimate was as follows:

Caretaker's Quarters
Women's Room
Men's Room
Warm Room
Locker Room

The substitute plan was adopted. We will try to do all the work except for the warm room this year, as we have already allocated $10,000 in the budget for capital expenses.

John Matthews emphasized that the new ferry has to be operated in a particular manner particularly at high water. At high water it is easiest for one person to run the ferry. They should stand at the front of the ferry and angle the ferry into the current. The faster the current the steeper the angle. This is actually much easier and safer than having several people pull the ferry straight across the river perpendicular to a strong current.

The group reiterated that guest card members cannot have boats on the Island.

John Matthews suggested staining the top of the canoe float and Bill Eichbaum volunteered to screw on cleats and put rubber bumpers around the canoe float.

Safety and waivers:
Warren Brown wants to reactivate the Safety Committee. Questions were raised about waivers and the White Water Race and John Thomson will arrange for racers to sign waivers at the start of the race. Mark Schlefer suggested that the host of large parties sign an indemnity in the event someone in their party does not sign a waiver and he will draw up a proposed sample.

Large Parties:
Ann Satterthwaite reported that the ad hoc large party committee had received a range of responses about the large parties and she thought the Club needed a survey of the membership to see what the members want of the Club. In the meantime she proposes a set of interim rules which will be published in the Islander and we will ask people to come to the next meeting prepared to discuss it.

A straw vote was taken and most of the members present were in favor of some sort of easement. There were short discussions on the various limits suggested by the ad hoc committee.

Warren Brown had a copy of his proposed questionnaire. He passed it out and asked for suggestions. He will put it in the next Islander.

Peter Jones, Acting Secretary