Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

January 12, 1994

President Tryon wells called the meeting to order shortly after 8 PM in the warm hospitality of Jeffrey and Angela Glosser. Others present were John Matthews, John Krasny, Mark Schlefer, Blair and Nancy Bower, Joe and Mary Vogel, Tom and Ellen Richards, David and Jane Winer, Johnna Robinson, John Thomson, Mabel Wallich, Phil Jones, Kathleen Peters, Bill Bays, Betty Burchell, Gerry Barton, Peter Morabito, Warren Brown, David Holdridge, Bill Eichbaum, Barbara Fant, John Stapko, Brad Coolidge, and of course our, caretaker team Peter Jones and Holly Syrrakos.

Minutes of the December meeting were approved as printed in the January issue of the Islander.

Treasurer Johnna Robinson circulated a sheet setting forth a projected budget for 1994. The expense side totaling $39,250, which omitted any figure for capital improvements, had been approved at the December meeting. The income side showed a total of $38,625 on the basis of the current dues structure. Johnna observed that this meeting's task was to set an amount for capital improvements and, in order to cover any such additional expenditure, approve a dues increase or a special assessment or increase the club's membership. She pointed out that each $12 increment in dues would create about $2,000 in yearly revenue, and each additional 10 members likewise.

Kathleen Peters, Membership Secretary, reported that our regular memberships currently number 151 out of the 155 authorized. Three are in process of transfer to senior membership. There are 122 names on the waiting list, and recommendations to fill vacancies will be made in the next meeting. There are no remaining dues delinquencies for 1993.

On John Thomson's nomination, Bill Kugler and Ruth Haas were voted into Honorary Membership. Both had tendered their resignations after long service in various capacities.

It was noted that Barbara Fisher has taken over from Phil Jones as Coordinator for Saturday relief caretakers. The President suggested that this important task might well be added to the roster of regular Supervisor positions.

Turning to old business, the question of the dues level and capital expenditures for the 1994 budget, tabled at the January meeting, was returned to the floor. A lively discussion took the rest of the evening. Practically everyone present had something to contribute and did so.

There was general appreciation of the need to raise more income to meet ordinary expenses and to replenish the reserve funds drawn down by recent capital expenditures for the caretaker's quarters, the new deck, and the new ferry. Likewise there was general support for a long-term program of carefully planned capital improvements but which ones, in what order, and how best to raise the funds to run the Club as well as improve it constituted the Gordian knot of the issue.

The first actual vote was on an amendment to the un-tabled motion (to raise the dues by $48 per year to $240 for regular members). The amendment proposed $36 per year instead. This was defeated 8 pro to 14 con. The original motion was then adopted 14-9.

Discussion of a scenario for implementing the capital improvements plan came a little closer to earth than in the last several meetings. Gerry Barton circulated a paper outlining his thoughts on the sequence of projects as well as the underlying philosophy thereof. Others offered variations on the themes. But the preponderance of comment appeared to give top billing to relocation and renovation of the clubhouse bathrooms and to further improvements in the caretakers' quarters, while revamping of the locker rooms and development of a "library" (or "warm room") trailed after.

Mark Schlefer moved that any such construction be postponed to 1995 and that meantime we refine the specific projects and the methods of paying for them. This was defeated 3 pro to 9 con.

Tom Richards then moved we approve a capital improvements figure for the budget of $6,000 to be applied as determined from the list of proposed projects. An amendment to raise the figure to $18,000 for the caretakers' quarters and clubhouse bathroom items was defeated 8 pro to 11 con. The original motion was then passed 13-8.

At the eleventh hour, as the witching time of night approached, Warren Brown moved that the $6,000 figure in the last motion be replaced by a $10,000 figure. This was adopted 15-6. The meeting adjourned in a happy exodus to the sumptuous refreshments our hosts had waiting.

William B. Coolidge
Ad Interim Secretary