Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

October 13, 1993

The meeting was called to order on Sycamore Island by Tryon Wells at 8:12 p.m. Present were:

Bill Bays, Bill Eichbaum, Kathleen Peters, John Wiebenson, John S. Thomson, Tryon Wells, Peter Jones, Johnna Robinson, John Matthews, John Stapko, Holly Syrrakos, Al Brown

The minutes of the September meeting were approved as printed in the August edition of The Sycamore Islander.

David Winer submitted a design of the outside shower complete with deck. (It appears elsewhere in this issue.)

Ann Kip submitted her resignation as Grounds Chairperson. The Club is grateful for her service and effort this year and will begin an active search for her successor.

The new ferry comes complete with title from the State of Maryland and which was received in the mail. Peter Jones will keep the document with his other Sycamore equipment files.

Bill Eichbaum proposed sending a letter to Robert Stanton of the National Park Service regarding repair of the path leading down from Clara Barton Parkway to the towpath. He was encouraged to mail it forthwith.

Financial Secretary Mabel Wallich reported that $742.00 was deposited during September. She noted 4 members that are delinquent. No action was taken.

Treasurer Johnna Robinson reported that the club has $15,860.00 in its checking account and $10,000.00 in a CD. Actual monies received so far this year are short of budget projections by approximately $3,500.00. She suggested that this discrepancy may be accounted for by less guest card fee income than was anticipated.

Membership Secretary Kathleen Peters reported 3 new additions to the waiting list bringing the total to 116. One regular member was changed to senior member status leaving total membership at 154.

Caretaker Peter Jones reported that there was a leak in the line from the well to the pump. Currently, a temporary line was coming through the bathroom window. It was agreed that this was to be replaced by a more permanent arrangement that would also take into account the planned new location of the pump in the caretaker's bathroom.

Old Business
John Wiebenson brought copies of a draft of the remodeling changes and passed them around. Other than some minor adjustments and the addition of the concept of a year-round "warm" bathroom, the drawings were approved by lack of any dissent. John Matthews promised to put some cost figures together by the next meeting so that the membership can vote on the plan's final approval. (The most current set of drawings can be found elsewhere in this issue.) Discussion was wide-ranging regarding construction techniques and the problems of transporting materials to the island. The cost of the wire mesh metal lockers was also a concern and various strategies were advanced to accomplish the project with an eye to quality and durability while getting the best price. It was suggested that if the cost was high, the membership might e asked to contribute a onetime payment for completion of the project. This would be avoided if possible. A locker proposal with hard numbers will be presented at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

-- Tryon Wells, Acting Recording Secretary