Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

July 14, 1993

Due to a thunderstorm and brief power failure, Betty Burchell opened the meeting ten minutes late, at 8:10 p.m. (in the absence of President Tryon Wells, who arrived shortly thereafter and then assumed the Chair).

Present: Betty Burchell, Peter Jones, Holly Syrakkos, Tryon Wells, Cynthia Barnes, Johnna Robinson, Kathleen Peters, Johann Aeschlimann, Brad Coolidge, John Matthews, Clarence Payne, David Winer

Membership Secretary Kathleen Peters read the month's report and noted that an opening was available for the next person on the waiting list, Deborah Baer. After discussion, Deborah Baer was accepted by a vote. Ronald and Leslie Bruno were dropped from membership for not responding to dues obligations. This left an opening for next on the waiting list, Kyle and Susan Chambers, who were accepted into membership after discussion and a vote.

Johnna Robinson volunteered to serve as Club Treasurer. She was nominated from the floor and was elected forthwith.

A discussion of membership requirements ensued regarding attraction of those who would be active and who would take an interest in the Club's various chores. This subject will continue at next month's meeting with a probable vote on specific requirements for future acceptance on the waiting fist.

The members acknowledged the fine new ferry and thanked John Matthews and Brad Coolidge for their leadership in designing, procuring, and installing this greatly improved transport to the island.

John Matthews noted that caretakers of the island should ensure that anyone serving as ferry operator is qualified to operate the ferry, and further, is instructed not to ram the shores since the new aluminum float-tubes are subject to denting. John agreed to draft a set of instructions for caretakers.

A discussion of the pool table's poor condition led to John Matthews volunteering to seek a qualified repair person to visit and provide an estimate.

Betty Burchell noted the frequent police reports of various assaults on women along the canal towpath. Members discussed the situation and agreed that a notice should be placed in the Islander.

Old Business:
The controversy about trimming trees continues. The prospect of views of the river appeals to some, while others prefer to leave all trees in a natural state. There will be further discussion at the August meeting, including specific proposals regarding limb pruning.

Brad Coolidge noted that Bill Kugler participated in the ferry launching work party, a fact omitted in the last Islander.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

-- David Winer, Momentary Recording Secretary