Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

June 9, 1993

The June meeting of the Club was called to order by President Tryon Wells on the Island at 8:05 pm. Present were: Tryon Wells, Sara Stanton, Dick Stanton, Peter Winkler, Jack Colwell, Peggy Thomson, John Thomson, John Matthews, Brad Coolidge, Frank Daspit, David Winer, Johnna Robinson, Nell Hennesy, Kathleen Peters, Leah Hertz, Louisa Winer, John Stapko, David Lyles, David Holdridge.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved as printed in the June edition of the Islander.

John Thomson reported on his letter of invitation to Attorney General Janet Reno to participate in canoeing activities on the Potomac River.

Treasurer Ken Sales' monthly report showed a balance in the CMA account of $26,350.00 at the end of the period.

Financial Secretary Mabel Wallich's report indicates that all members except one are paid up. Payment or a letter of resignation is expected from that member within the next month.

Membership Secretary Kathleen Peters reported no changes in membership during the past month.

Captain John Matthews reported on the purchase of a fancy new ferry, which will be arriving within the next week or so. The ferry bottom and pontoons are aluminum. The Club will build sides on the ferry.

House Committee Chairperson Leah Hertz reported that the locker assignment lists are not up to date. Various methods of determining locker assignments were discussed. Leah will have a recommendation to address this problem at a future meeting.

The problem of encouraging members, particularly new members to participate in Club activities was discussed at some length. It was agreed that the application form for new members should be clarified to indicate that the two references required for Club membership should be members of the Club. Members should take more of a role in encouraging members they sponsor to take part in the activities of the Club.

It was recommended and agreed that the president should appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to make recommendations to improve participation and activism in the Club, particularly by new members.

New Business
A proposal was made to clear a view of the river from the deck on the Virginia side of the island. After some discussion, the proposal was deferred to the Grounds Committee f or review and discussion at the next meeting.

An offer was made to teach a basic canoeing course on the island for Club members. Watch the Islander for news of this upcoming event.

The business portion of the meeting concluded at 9:30 pm, after which Dick Stanton, author of Potomac Journal, talked about his book and signed copies for members who wanted to purchase it.

-- David Lyles, Recording Secretary