Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

May 12, 1993

The May meeting of the Club was called to order by President Tryon Wells on the Island at 8:00pm. Despite earlier thunderstorms and threatening weather, the following were present: Tryon Wells, David Winer, Peter Jones, Pat Barnett, Johnna Robinson, John Matthews, Phil Jones, John Thomson, Ken Sales, Brad Coolidge, Kathleen Peters.

The minutes of the April meeting were approved, as published in the May edition of the ISLANDER.

Because of confusion on the Membership issue at the past two meetings, Membership was the first issue to be discussed. First of all, Financial Secretary Mable Wallich's report, dated May 10, indicated that 25 members have not paid their full 1993 dues as yet. If they were in fact delinquent, according to our by-laws, they could be assumed to have quit the Club. [Later information shows that many are paying quarterly and they are thus not delinquent. Some, however, are.] After considerable discussion, it was decided to postpone action to the June meeting and John Thomson volunteered to phone those overdue on their dues. [Mable Wallich is also writing follow-up letters.]

Kathleen Peters reported that with the movement of Robert & Jeannetta Black, Mimi Cantwell, Michael & Beth Grant, and Dallas & Elizabeth Jones to INACTIVE status, there were four openings for REGULAR membership. She proposed the following -- and they were unanimously approved: William & Susan BENSON, Jeffrey & Sandy KOMAROW, Thomas LEVY & Deboarh SHEPPARD, Peter WINKLER & Barbara KRAFT.

These new REGULAR members have been on the waiting list for 4 years.

On the issue of Membership, further discussion took place. Members wished we knew more about the applicants -- and urged that applicants list current members as references, and also that applicants take part in Club activities before they become full members. Further discussion of this topic is scheduled for next month's meeting.

Captain's Report:
John Matthews reported on the ferry issue, and especially on the purchase of a commercially made pontoon raft. After extended discussion the purchase if the pontoon framework was approved and discussion of the full size of the deck postponed to the June meeting. John Matthews is particularly concerned about the problems of liability suits; in the event of accidents.

Caretaker's Report:
Peter Jones reported on the special workfest that got the canoe and swimming floats in place before the Potomac River White Water Race. [See last month's ISLANDER for details.] He noted also the high water damage to the Volleyball court where erosion means we shall have to refill and reseed it.

Treasurer's Report:
Ken Sale reported that all was going normally and no special action was required.

General Discussion:
There was concern that the ladders for the swimming floats were broken and needed replacement. John Stapko is looking into the problem and plans for swimming pool type of ladder for the two floats.

The "Third Saturday Workfests" came up for discussion -- the consensus of the meeting was that proposed activities be listed in the ISLANDER each month and that the "Third Saturday" should be changed to the "Third Sunday."

Great pleasure in the Potomac River White Water Race was expressed. Though postponement led to a rather small list of participants -- 30 registered --the whole was a delightful success -- a fine day with 4.8 foot water level, a well marked channel below the Beltway Bridge, a beautiful Island, excellent refreshments, and a truly cheery group of paddlers.

The meeting adjourned at 9:55.

-- John Seabury Thomson, Acting Recording Secretary