Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

April 14, 1993

The April meeting of the Club was called to order by President Tryon Wells at the home of Tryon Wells -- the return of Island meetings to the Island was postponed to May because of high waters and ferry problems -- at 8:05 pm. Present were: Tryon Wells, Phil Jones, Jessie Bakeman, Brad Coolidge, John Matthews, Peter Jones, Pat Barnett, David Winer, Holly Syrrakos, John Thomson.

The minutes of the March meeting were approved as written in the April edition of the ISLANDER.

The Club received a letter of appreciation for its letter concerning the tract of land on Saranac Road and its support for its use as parkland.

Treasurer's Report:
Ken Sales was absent but his report was received -- and required no action.

Membership Report:
Kathleen Peters was absent but the Club heard her concern that no action had been taken on six membership changes -- election to regular membership -- sent in for last month's meeting. (Tryon, who had the proposal for the election of new members, had been ill and did not attend.) Again, the list of candidates for membership action was missing -- so action was postponed to the May meeting.

Caretaker's Report:
Peter Jones reported on the state of the Island and of the ferry cable. Interestingly, after considerable work pulling the entangled tree with a come-along, it was the rise and fall of the water level which caused the tree to pull loose and move somewhat down stream. The ferry is now in working condition, although the pull rope will need further attention.

John Matthews, prompted by concerns of Mark Schlefer, has been developing plans for a more seaworthy and stable ferry. He presented his current plans for consideration -- larger flotation units on either side and a deck, narrower, and hung lower between them. The width of the deck would be 3 feet. The plans were circulated and there was extended discussion. The general consensus was that the width should be 3 to 4 feet and John was asked to explore further and report back at the next meeting.

Other Items:
An ad for a 17 ft Grumman canoe for $125 had been seen in the CANOE CRUISER -- and the sense of the meeting was that we should buy it to enlarge the Club's canoe fleet.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 and discussion continued over pleasant refreshments provided by our President.

-- John Seabury Thomson, Acting Recording Secretary