Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

February 10, 1993

The February meeting of the Club was called to order at the home of David and Jane Winer by President Tryon Wells at 8:07 pm. Present were: Jane Winer, David Winer, Ken Sale, Mable Wallich, Phil Jones, John Thomson, Peter Jones, Holly Syrrakos, Bill Bays, Tryon Wells, John Matthews, Brad Coolidge, John Stapko, Kathleen Peters.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as printed in the February edition of the ISLANDER.

In communications, there were three letters regarding membership changes. The resignations of Senior Members Ken McGinty, Margaret Fisher and Phil Trezise were accepted with regret, and, by unanimous vote, all three were elected to Honorary Membership.

Membership Secretary Kathleen Peters reported that we had 156 Regular members and 112 on the waiting list. Bob Black, Michael Grant and Dallas Jones have applied for Inactive Membership, and their applications were approved by the membership. Kathleen also reported the resignations of Steven and Francis Goldman and Laura and Walter Minerbi.

Financial Secretary Mable Wallich reported receipts of $ 16,830.00 during the past month.

Treasurer Ken Sale reported that the Club's finances appear to be in good shape, and he plans to reorganize the reporting format f or greater clarity. Ken also reminded the membership that we need to find a replacement for him as Club Treasurer since he will be away for a significant period this year.

Captain John Matthews reported on the continuing upkeep problems on the ferry and on his concern for the debris from the Clubhouse additions. A particular concern was the disposal of the old windows removed from the Clubhouse. The overwhelming sense of the meeting was that we must remove any debris to the solid waste disposal area. John Stapko volunteered to look into the window problem to see how they could be best removed.

Concurrent to this solid waste problem was a discussion of the desirability of replacing the rest of the upstairs windows to match those now going out onto the deck. John Matthews will look into this possibility.

Tryon Wells reported on the ferry problem on Sunday, February 7, when somehow the ferry became detached from its chain on the Maryland shore and floated into mid-channel. Tryon brought a kayak down and retrieved it. Tryon also reported that signs related to Club rules and safety have been made up and are installed on the Island.

The Spring workfest was set for Sunday, April 18, with a rain date of April 25.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm for friendly conversation and for delicious refreshments provided by our hosts.

-- John S. Thomson, Acting Recording Secretary