Sycamore Island
Meeting Minutes

August 12, 1992

The meeting was called to order on Sycamore Island by President Tryon Wells at 8:10 p.m. Present were: John Matthews, John Thomson, Leah Hertz, Tryon Wells, Pat Barnett, Gerry Barton.

The minutes of the July meeting were approved as printed in the August edition of The Sycamore Islander.

Vice President Charlie Trammell submitted his resignation from the Club citing distraction in the form of a new boat he has recently acquired on the Chesapeake Bay. It was agreed among those members present that some attempt to dissuade him should be undertaken in light of his considerable contributions to the club in recent years. We shall certainly miss him.

Treasurer Ken Sale submitted a note regretting his inability to attend the meeting and stated that though he hadn't had time to get final figures for last month, that expenditures and other transactions had been very light.

Membership Secretary Pat Barnett reported that this coming month there will be two vacancies. The waiting list currently still stands at 105. There were no additions and no subtractions.

Old Business
It was noted again that the path down to the Club is in very bad shape and there was some discussion of alternatives for repair. All agreed with John Matthews that the only really permanent solution would be black top. The path is the responsibility of the Park Service who have continually responded to our calls by regretting their lack of funds for doing the job.

New Business
The question of lockers for potential new members uncovered a general lack of knowledge about the status of many of the lockers in the clubhouse among those members present. Leah Hertz, as newly-appointed House Committee Chairperson, vowed to make sense of the situation. We await her report next month.

There was a brief discussion of refurbishing the Club's pool table. It was acknowledged to be in poor condition, with broken pockets, old felt and rails, and an uneven playing surface. It was agreed to get an estimate to bring the table back up to snuff. None of the members present wanted to entertain the idea of purchasing a new table as prices can range from $2,500.00 to well over $5,000.00.

It was also briefly commented that the men's and women's bathrooms were in sad shape and need some attention. It was suggested that they might be on the fall workfest agenda but no decisions were made.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Tryon Wells, Acting Recording Secretary